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Thursday, April 20, 17, 16:04:40, 1 Week In Arts and Entertainment

The photographs of a travel destination make you want to experience the place in person and have a deep impact when you plan a trip. But, have you ever come back home and felt like you didn't capture what you saw initially and your photographs do not really do justice to the place. As a newbie photographer, it is difficult to understand and capture the emotion behind the places and making it look like the ones in magazines comes with time. Travel photography can be more than just a hobby and be ...

Wednesday, March 22, 17, 12:05:58, 1 Month In Arts and Entertainment

Great photography does not result from a pile of clicks that are no more than flukes. It is an exemplary demonstration of consistency and character throughout the work. Such beautiful body of work which every established photographer proudly wears as badge is the result of hard work that one does at the professional photography courses. There is a difference in being a photographer by accident and a photographer by choice. If you are gifted, try to get an edge over others by earning a degree in ...

Monday, March 20, 17, 13:26:43, 1 Month In Arts and Entertainment

You may choose to shout at the top of your lungs that you are a great photographer, but employers need a degree in photography on your resume to give you your dream job. Schools are the place to give your passion a professional garb. They teach you a number of things which you might have missed while clicking pictures. Here is an overview of things you get to learn during your photography training. Selecting the viewpoint: In the name of photography, what people do is actually clicking random...

Friday, February 24, 17, 08:53:09, 2 Months In Arts and Entertainment

Training courses in photography in India were started about 12 years ago. Since then there has only been a steady improvement in the training courses offered and the quality of students passing out. Today esteemed universities in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc., are offering bachelors and masters degree courses in the field of photography as well as cinematography and fine arts. There are also innumerable photography courses available with other well-known institutes which help stud...

Tuesday, February 21, 17, 11:42:35, 2 Months In Arts and Entertainment

Digital Camera Photography has become a craze among photographers, both amateur and professional. In fact there are numerous websites which offer online tutorials in the art of mastering this type of photography. There are several advantages to using digital cameras over the traditional ones using photographic films. They are:  There is no need for buying or developing photographic films.  Images shot can be immediately seen, deleted and retaken if required.  Photos can be ta...

Monday, January 23, 17, 11:34:04, 3 Months In Arts and Entertainment

If you want to make a career in photography, it will be best to start by enrolling in a reputed photography school. It can not only provide you certification, you will also gain knowledge and exposure that would otherwise be difficult to find. When you attend a school, you are able to learn from experienced professionals. The knowledge and experiences shared in such an environment can prove to be valuable in driving your career in the right direction. But how can you choose the best photography...

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