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Thursday, September 21, 17, 10:58:17, 4 Days In Business

In today talk we are going to talk about OHS and it's nearby; so let us first acquaint you with the term (OHS) which stands for occupational health and safety, and also known as occupational safety and health (OSH) or workplace health and safety (WHS), which is field that is concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of the people at work.   And to maintain (OHS) that is occupational health and safety at work is important, because healthy and safety measures implemented at the workpla...

Thursday, August 24, 17, 13:04:21, 1 Month In Business

Today we are going to talk about the safety of the organization, and how this safety if considered properly provided benefits to the organization.   So let us first discussion about occupational health and safety (OHS) which is a multi disciplinary field that is concerned with safety, health of the people at the workplace; and this OHS also known as workplace, health and safety (WHS) and occupational safety and health (OSH); and workplace health and safety (WHS) involves the assessment an...

Thursday, August 17, 17, 07:25:26, 1 Month In Business

We live in a world full of opportunities and threats, weaknesses and strengths and living in such a world everyone should know that risk is the major factor which will always interrupt in between. The risk is something that everyone has to take whether small or huge depends upon you but you have to take it one day or the other. Things will never change their side but you have to make a change in yourselves and for doing that it is very important for you to take risks. Everybody in his/her life c...

Thursday, August 10, 17, 12:57:53, 2 Months In Business

As in today time number of enterprises are setting up or taking place in the economy and because of which new generation moving towards service sector; therefore for successfully running of these enterprises and accomplish the organization goals or objectives on time; the organization has taken some steps or choose techniques that will help in maintaining employee safety, health of the employee. So, in today discussion we are going to talk about how to assess the risks before time and how will ...

Wednesday, July 26, 17, 06:12:29, 2 Months In Business

A company put efforts in order to increase the number of its assets in the balance sheet. These assets may be income, building, vehicle, or the goodwill of the company. Goodwill is one of the required assets of the company. A company’s goodwill among its employee, shareholder, and investor and in society is always able to fetch profit for the company. The increase in the goodwill graph of the company is always a goal of the company. Goodwill of a company can be improved by the way of good ...

Wednesday, July 19, 17, 15:37:57, 2 Months In Business

With increased laws and regulations, it’s becoming tough for industries of any scale to assess themselves with the regulations provided for the Health, Safety, and risks of the workers in an industry. Since safety is becoming a major concern nowadays, the regulations have been made tighter.   Manual Handling risk assessment is something that was given and will be given prior importance in the upcoming days. This factor ensures the safety of the people working in a company. Assessing...

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