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Tuesday, February 28, 17, 13:38:34, 2 Months In Finance

With the world going digital, it is no surprise that services like insurance have also listed themselves on e-commerce platforms making it easier to compare various quotes. The method to do so is easy and far more convenient in comparison to buying one through an agent.   There are truckloads of problems when following the traditional and old fashioned approach. Here are a few:   Time consuming: It involves talking to your agent and then the process being initiated along with the...

Wednesday, February 1, 17, 11:05:23, 3 Months In Finance

A policy for your two-wheeler is a necessity, especially if you want to protect your two-wheeler against accidental damage or theft. An insurance policy will come to your rescue and save your money by covering the costs for any repairs or total loss. You should pay attention and be careful to renew the policy before it lapses. One of the easiest ways to renew your policy is online. Here are a few easy steps to renew your two-wheeler insurance:   Choose an insurance provider   You ...

Tuesday, January 31, 17, 07:44:05, 3 Months In Business

With the advent of the digital revolution, comfort has come as a major by-product. Now, you can work, buy and sell from the comfort of your home. Similarly, due to the many online insurance platforms, now you can buy a motor insurance from the comfort of your home. This is the reason for the emergence of online portals that act as a one stop shop for all your insurance needs. Buying or renewing a car insurance is the easiest task with the very many websites, helping you save time, effort and mon...

Thursday, December 29, 16, 09:02:58, 4 Months In Finance

It is often the case that we forget about deadlines related to policies and other things owing to our busy schedules. There are reminders that most insurance companies offer nowadays. However, if you still miss your car insurance renewal date, it is important to take relevant steps. If your policy has just expired, it is possible for you to reinstate it without any penalty but not otherwise. Make sure that you are not driving around in your car until you have your car insurance policy re-issued....

Thursday, December 22, 16, 10:27:36, 4 Months In Finance

In times like today when world is shrinking into a global village (thanks to internet) we can now access anything and everything online. From clothes, flight tickets to gadgets and every home appliance you need, is available online. With increasing involvement of the e-commerce sector in our daily lives, not only product based, but also service based companies are venturing into this space.   Vehicle insurance is one of the domains which are slowly moving online and there are multiple rea...

Wednesday, December 14, 16, 06:32:03, 5 Months In Finance

It is usually tedious to look for a good car insurance policy. It is the general perception that finding a good policy means a lot of research and requesting quotes from different insurers before you find a suitable one. However, nowadays, online comparison portals have made the process much easier. Getting quotes from different providers on one platform is possible with these portals. These portals work as a one stop shop for buying a car insurance online. Here are a few reasons for increasing...

Wednesday, December 7, 16, 08:41:48, 5 Months In Finance

A lot of Indians are unaware that as per Motor vehicles act, it is mandatory to have a valid car insurance policy. However, despite this law, a lot of vehicle owners either do not carry a copy or are sometimes found carrying expired insurance policy papers. Earlier, renewing an insurance policy was a time-consuming and tedious job, however, now with the availability of online purchase or renewal of insurance policies, the process has become hassle-free and more efficient. This process of renew...

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