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Thursday, February 23, 17, 09:19:16, 4 Months In Health and Fitness

Obesity has been one of the major contributors to a number of health problems that we face today. While a daily bout of exercise is perhaps the most effective way to combat it, the advantages of healthy food too cannot be denied. In fact both go hand in hand, so much so that one can be said to be incomplete without the other. Taking nutritious food has now become almost synonymous to changing over to olive oil. So much so that more and more people are today talking about the many health benefits...

Tuesday, January 31, 17, 10:22:38, 5 Months In Health and Fitness

The richness of olive oil in terms of its health benefits can be realized from the fact that it was known as “liquid gold” during ancient times. Today, the oil is widely used in cooking and is being increasingly recommended as a replacement for other forms of high-fat, unhealthy oils. There are many health benefits of olive oil, as can be found here. It can be used for cooking and even for topical applications to boost your health in many ways. 1. Preventing Heart Disease Cholester...

Sunday, January 29, 17, 21:50:26, 5 Months In Health and Fitness

Well established data shows that the Mediterranean Diet is the reason why the region has very low cases of heart disease and increased life expectancy. And olive oil is central to the low fat diet consumed by the people from this part of the world. The oil is now considered among the healthiest of cooking oils and is recommended to be added to everyone’s diet. Whether you are overweight or want to avoid putting on weight or lead a healthier life, you should use more of this oil in their di...

Friday, January 27, 17, 09:40:52, 5 Months In Food and Drink

The Mediterranean Diet is rich in olive oil recipes. Consumption of the natural oil has been considered to be one of the reasons behind the rich health of the people of the region for centuries. The health benefits of olive oil have been studied and scientifically established within the last century. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help in improving hearth health by reducing bad cholesterol. It has high levels of antioxidants that help improve your health in many ways. Consuming f...

Saturday, January 21, 17, 08:41:57, 6 Months In Health and Fitness

If you want to stay healthier for longer and maintain your looks, you should consider making olive oil a part of your life. It has been used in salad and siding preparations for a long time, but is now being increasingly replacing other oils and fats in cooking. You should also use olive oil for face, skin care, hair and other purposes to enjoy all its benefits. Find out all the different uses of this natural oil to improve your health and life. 1. As a Hair Oil You can use olive oil for oilin...

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