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Monday, September 18, 17, 09:56:04, 2 Days In Society

Today there are several well-known secular, non-government organisations in India which are non-profitable and raise money for the philanthropic activities they carry out. There are events that they organise the proceeds of which are given for a good cause or corporate funding that they are able to get etc. Yet one of the most lucrative avenues is generally left untapped because of lack of awareness on the part of the common man. It is only now that even these non-profit non-government organisa...

Thursday, August 31, 17, 08:44:03, 3 Weeks In Society

Nowadays new technology has increased the life expectancy of people all over the world. Being healthy helps to mitigate some of the problems that come with aging, but they will still develop as a person ages. It is important to know more about the effects of aging so as to makes sure we can counter the symptoms and help make the elderly more comfortable. Elder health care makes sure that being a senior citizen does not create panic among the person and their family and helps to preserve health a...

Wednesday, August 30, 17, 09:08:07, 3 Weeks In Society

A social work organization is an organization which works for social welfare and the well-being of the society. Through the Non profit organisations in every country tons of people lacking in some kind of things are helped to achieve their goals. They do not charge money for the things they do and generally only make money through donations made by the people who are privileged enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. NGOs in India hold a rather mixed reputation. Some believe strongly in the nonprof...

Monday, August 28, 17, 08:57:04, 3 Weeks In Society

India will soon become the youngest country in the world by 2020 with approximately 64% of its citizens in the working age group. However, it also means that 36% of Indian citizens will be classified as elderly. The number will be around more than 100 million. The worrying factor is that most of these elderly citizens live alone most of the time due to their children working abroad or not able to give them ample time. Also with the advent of nuclear family setup with both spouses working the el...

Tuesday, August 22, 17, 13:22:35, 1 Month In Finance

Donating to a Non-Government Organization or simply an NGO is an act that fulfils one’s social responsibility. However, it is advisable to reap the benefits of donating to an NGO that has received an 80g exemption certificate. If you make a donation under 80g section of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you are eligible to receive a tax rebate on the amount you have donated. Thus, everyone is advised to make donations to certified NGOs to avail these exemption benefits. However, before donating ...

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