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Cognitive decline, increasing frailty of the body and unexplained weakness – these are the signs of old age. A person above 60 years of age falls into the senior citizen group. Having worked all the life to take care of the family, elderly people are entitled to healthcare, respect and importance. They truly deserve this. Also, the contribution of elder people to society cannot be undermined even if they are not doing anything substantial. Here is an overview of why help for the elderly is...

Tuesday, February 28, 17, 13:04:10, 3 Weeks In Society

Old age is that phase of life which is unique in itself. Its problems and ordeals are difficult to anticipate and understand. This is especially true for places like India wherein traditional practices for caring for the elderly are still in vogue. People rarely, if ever, take the help of old age homes or government assisted institutions for caring for their elders. In fact there is an anathema attached to these institutions and educated people fall prey to it. Types of elderly care Taking car...

Monday, February 27, 17, 08:10:26, 3 Weeks In Society

While we are familiar with the acronym NGO, not many of know the actual scope of their work. We are, however, aware of the type of work they do but not of how they do it. In fact many of us even desire to be a part of social work organisations, to shoulder our social responsibilities, but due to lack of awareness, we are not able to do so. What are NGOs By definition an NGO or a Non Governmental Organisation might refer to either to a group, an organisation or any non-profit entrepreneurship o...

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There are many people who need medical help but have no finances, they need care but have no one to give it, they need love but are far removed from their near and dear ones. We can, however, make a small difference in their lives by donating a part of our earnings to an NGO or relief organisation of our choice. The amount does not matter because for these people every cent counts and every cent given has the potential to make a huge difference in their lives. In fact making donations are mutua...

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When you donate to different type of non-government organizations, you can get tax deductions under different provisions. When you make donation under 80g, you can claim tax deduction in. Make sure to get the receipt of payment, which needs to be furnished while making the claim. The following guide will provide you useful information related to donations and the deductions they can help you get. Receipt against Donations When you make any donation under sec 35 ac or 80g to any NGO or any caus...

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Reputable senior citizen homes enrich the lives of seniors with their compassion and health care support. Many of India’s seniors who live in these homes are poor and cannot sustain their expenses in the twilight years of their lives. NGOs are among the biggest supporters of such homes. They reach out to homeless shelters, senior homes, and missions that provide safe sanctuary for the old. Such organizations play a crucial role in improving and enriching the lives of the old and needy. NGO...

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