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Friday, July 6, 18, 15:32:21, 2 Weeks In Business

It is very important for the companies to have experienced host and hostesses to make their presence at the exhibitions or the events in a professional manner. This is because experienced international hostess and hosts can surely make a difference in carrying your brand in the public. They shall have the talent and charisma to carry your band image and impress the guests about your products or services being offered in the market. They can look after all the aspects to make your presence a gran...

Thursday, May 10, 18, 11:57:04, 3 Months In Careers Advice

It is quite common for the companies in Qatar to lookout for the modelling agency in Qatar to fill in their vacancies in case they need temporary staff to host exhibitions or events. But one should understand that the modeling agencies either in Qatar or the hostess agency Doha generally have limited database of the models being operating offline. Hence, to have an access to a pool of talent it is always better to lookout for an online staffing agency like Professionate that offers a common plat...

Monday, April 30, 18, 10:11:20, 3 Months In Business

With many events and exhibitions happening in Dubai there is a lot of demand for the event promoters who can really a make a difference with their presence on behalf of their company at the events or exhibitions. However, companies that participate in the exhibitions and events often lookout for the promotions companies in Dubai to fill up their temporary staffing vacancies and have the job done. But generally the promotions companies have limited database and are also quite expensive when it co...

Friday, April 20, 18, 12:13:45, 3 Months In Careers Advice

When you are planning to participate in an exhibition or an event the exhibition host or the promoter plays a key role in the success of your company reaching out the targeted customer. As they are the one who shall come in direct contact with the customers, business partners or other interested in your company products you should be very careful in choosing the best exhibition or event staff that can surely enhance the image of your brand. Though many companies rely on the recruitment agencies ...

Monday, April 16, 18, 15:13:30, 3 Months In News

Participating in events or exhibitions hep companies to enhance their brand image in the public. It becomes easy for them to promote their products or services and also know the first hand feedback of the customers’ opinion about their services. It is more like the companies going out all the way to reach out the targeted audience. But to make the exhibition or events successful it solely depends on the staff who can make or break the image of the company. This is the reason that companies...

Monday, April 16, 18, 12:22:28, 3 Months In Careers Advice

Events and exhibitions are one of the best platforms for the companies to promote their products and services in the market. Active participation in exhibitions can help companies find new customers, business partners and also study the market trends with first-hand information collected by the exhibition staff. This is the reason that companies need to hire experienced and talented exhibition staff who can carry the brand image of the company on their shoulders and serve the clients with a posi...

Friday, April 6, 18, 15:31:13, 4 Months In Education

Events and exhibitions help companies to promote their products and services directly to the public. This is the reason that many companies participate in events to enhance their brand image in the public and reach out their targeted customers. But, to become successful in an event or exhibition the company has to find out experienced and reliable event staff who can attract the customer to their stall and explain about the company services as well gather feedback from the customer that would be...

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