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Monday, April 23, 18, 15:09:32, 1 Year In Business

However, with so many state-of-the-art features, it’s no surprise the battery isn’t always able to keep up. While the battery is a crucial element to your iPhone’s usage, like many other smartphone devices, there are some common problems you may come across. To help understand more, here are three main reasons you may need to Buy Iphone 5S Battery replacements. Battery RecallDue to a glitch during the manufacturing process, a few thousand iPhone 5S batteries ended up wi...

Saturday, April 14, 18, 09:53:07, 1 Year In Communications

Did you crack your iPad front panel? Is your Ipad Mini 4 Battery draining excessively? When you need to make these repairs, it generally comes down to two main options - should you replace the parts yourself or go out and buy a new device altogether? Once you decide to attempt to fix your busted device yourself, make sure you keep these helpful tips in mind before rushing into your repair. Remember You Repair at Your Own RiskIn most situations, once you open up your device, you void any ...

Tuesday, March 20, 18, 10:20:31, 1 Year In Business

With the proper repair parts and tools, it is more than possible to repair and replace your iPad mini 2 battery. At you can find all the premium Apple replacement parts to help facilitate the processes of replacing your any part that needs fixing on your iPad. When doing at-home repairs, it is essential to follow proper instructions to ensure no damage happens to your device. Here is how to replace your iPad mini 2 battery without causing damage to your iPad. Before you begin, i...

Tuesday, March 20, 18, 07:50:01, 1 Year In Business

The fifth generation of Apple iPhone offers three variations of the phone: the iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s. Each sport slightly varied features, yet all fall into the same category of premium Apple products. Whether buying a new iPhone 5s or searching for iPhone 5C Parts, knowing the differences between the three types of iPhone 5 models can help you to make informed decisions on your phone. iPhone 5The first to be released of the iPhone 5 generation series, the iPhone 5 shares similarities to the 5...

Monday, March 19, 18, 14:46:07, 1 Year In Business

If you’re one of the over 700 million iPhone model 6 owners across the world, there’s a decent chance you’ve encountered a battery issue with your device at this point in its lifespan. You’ve also likely heard about Apple’s recent response to accusations that they purposefully slow down the processor speeds of their iPhones later in life to improve battery life, impacting consumer experience and potentially driving upgrades. Apple maintains that’s not the case...

Friday, March 16, 18, 14:16:43, 1 Year In Business

Your phone sticks with you through thick and thin, but in the process might suffer from a little wear and tear. To keep your phone looking and working like new, high-quality Iphone 4s Parts from iDemiGods is the best way to rejuvenate your device without breaking the bank on pricey repairs or new phone costs. Here are some of the many premium iPhone 4S products you can find: iPhone 4S Rear Panel Back Cover Housing -- BlackWhen the back cover housing of your iPhone is cracked or broken a...

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