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Saturday, August 4, 18, 07:45:16, 7 Months In Computers

The placeSan Jose is the cultural, political and economic center of the Silicon Valley.  It is the biggest city in Northern California. Since it is in the Silicon Valley, It is assumed that computer products are very up to date here, because of its proximity to the Silicon Valley.What is an electronic waste?Electronic wastes are generally those disposed electronic equipments that are bound for scrapping, re-use or recycling.  They tend to contain a large amount of toxic waste and if no...

Wednesday, July 11, 18, 15:20:00, 8 Months In Computers

Since the start of modernization and advancement of technology, electronic product’s begun to flood the world. Electronics companies are racing to build the best computers, video and audio equipments, AC units and many more electronics products.  They are very fast in upgrading their products, which resulted to the coming out of many models every year.  With this trend, consumer’s has no alternative, but to keep on upgrading their gadgets. They are also coping up with the l...

Saturday, April 21, 18, 15:10:53, 11 Months In Computers

There are companies that work for the disposal of e-waste and make the environment clean and healthy. They provide training and employment for at risk young adults and school students. They contribute to social and economic strength of the communitiesby creating green jobs and fund raising events.California has approved providing of electronic waste recycling services to schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, residential customers and government agencies. The company adheres to responsib...

Wednesday, April 11, 18, 13:20:45, 11 Months In Computers

Technology is rapidly developing in this modern world. Appliances and gadgets are coming out almost every day and because of the very high demand, many companies are into the race. The increase in demand makes them increase production, faster than ever.  And you can see new models, are being introduced almost every month. On one end, this is a good signed and advantage the end users, as you are able to get hold of more advance gadgets and appliances, every now and then.  But, on the ot...

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