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Friday, February 15, 19, 15:16:06, 1 Month In Health and Fitness

A common problem that is of concern to most of the couples, especially the urban couple is Infertility. Although, myriad number of internal and external factors affect this condition, some of the reasons are due to certain kind of choices that are made. These could be choices such as choosing to a parent at relatively later stages of life often due to pressures of career or lack of a compatible partner with whom one may choose to parent with. These are often the times when the baffled couple ar...

Monday, February 11, 19, 14:17:19, 1 Month In Health and Fitness

A childbirth is the most complicated process in human. Even though in advanced medical treatment, high-risk pregnancy can be life-threatening for the mother or child or both in some cases. Now no need to be stressed because the high-risk pregnancy hospital in Basaveshwaranagar offers the latest technique and advanced facility to overcome this. The high-risk pregnancy threatens health or life of the mother and fetus. So they require special care from the specialist. Risk factors for a ...

Wednesday, February 6, 19, 14:39:07, 2 Months In Health and Fitness

If a couple who have been trying to have a baby for more than 10 to 12 months, then searching for the best IVF center may be the next step. IVF is referred to as In-vitro fertilization, a treatment for infertility in which an egg is fertilized with sperm outside of the body and then implanted into the uterus. In present days, IVF is a common and easiest process to have a child.  No matter if one is single or married, all we want parenthood. That is why they may have been choosing the b...

Thursday, January 17, 19, 12:32:02, 2 Months In Health and Fitness

IVF has covered quite a distance in the past four decades, thereby giving hope to couples yearning for a newborn. According to recent data, 10-15 % of married couples face infertility in India. That is a vast 27.5 million couples. With the advancement in the medical field, IVF has given hope to have a little one at home. Here let’s take a peek to know what this IVF is and why couples need to go for it and when do they go for it. What is IVF ? IVF or invitro fertilization is a clinical pr...

Thursday, January 17, 19, 12:26:42, 2 Months In Health and Fitness

According to the World Population Prospects, the fertility rate of Indians has reduced by 50% in 2015-2020 as compared to last forty decades from 4.9 to 2.3. It is further expected to reduce to 2.1 by 2025-2030. As per statistics of the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, the fertility rates in urban areas is already on par with the developed countries and one out of six couples are affected. Although generally infertility is associated more with women, studies now has shown that factors as...

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