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Tuesday, November 15, 16, 13:48:00, 5 Months In Health and Fitness

The 9 months of your pregnancy are divided into three trimesters and the requirements of the body keep changing as the foetus grows. Keeping a check on your diet is the most critical aspect during this time.   Let’s look at what you should eat in all three trimesters one by one.   1st trimester of pregnancy   Right from the day of conception, your first trimester starts and lasts up to the end of week 12. It is an important trimester for your baby's development. The or...

Tuesday, November 15, 16, 13:27:12, 5 Months In Health and Fitness

Before you give birth to your child, you are responsible for helping her or him grow in a nurturing and healthy environment. There is a list of do's and don'ts that you can follow for a simple and effective lifestyle. Keep the following points in mind and maintain healthydiet during pregnancy.   1) Do take your multi-vitamins Vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates, proteins and folate rich foods for pregnancy are a must. But, a healthy diet alone may not be enough for pregnancy. Prenatal vitam...

Friday, November 11, 16, 08:19:14, 5 Months In Food and Drink

A balanced diet plays a major role in the development of a kid's health and this can only be achieved through a balanced diet. Healthy food for kids provides essential vitamins, minerals and other nutritional benefits needed for healthy and effective growth and development. Each one of the nutrients plays an important role in the body.   Healthy meals for children include the following nutrients:   Calcium: Vital for strong and healthy bones as well as teeth, good sources of calciu...

Thursday, November 10, 16, 12:08:54, 5 Months In Food and Drink

Milk, an important part of our daily routines, forms the basis of good bone health. However, once the infant stops breastfeeding, the amount of milk intake goes down drastically. There are multiple reasons behind not consuming milk on a regular basis. Some people do not like the taste, while some are simply lactose intolerant and their bodies cannot digest milk or any other milk products. Some people have a belief that they are grown-ups and therefore do not need milk as a part of their diet. Bu...

Friday, September 30, 16, 09:42:32, 6 Months In Health and Fitness

A look at the lifestyle today and it no alien that the word busy has taken over in every context. To make everything around us perfect, we are running a race never to win and making compromises. The first and the foremost bargain usually come with our bodies and we think its fine to do so. Skipping meals or having junk food just for the sake of killing those hunger pangs we have might be leading us to a better financial tomorrow but are deteriorating our health without a doubt.   Call it ...

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