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Thursday, May 17, 18, 11:19:30, 7 Days In Education

Holidays can be best utilized by the children by balancing their play as well as joining in some activities that would be helpful to learn new things in life. The Scholars Point is one tuition centre that has made a difference to their students by helping them to learn concepts and logical reasoning in maths and science subjects so that they can overcome the fear of these subjects and excel in their class. The tuition center is run by highly qualified lady tutor who has more than 14 years’...

Friday, May 11, 18, 09:49:47, 2 Weeks In Education

Many children often find maths as a difficult subject as they are afraid either of the calculations or find it difficult to understand the concepts being taught by the teacher in the school. This fear of the subject has a drastic effect on them that they keep lagging behind in the subject. At such times it is important that extra time and efforts are put in to help the child understand maths subject so that they can pick up in the subject and start enjoy doing maths. To make this happen the abac...

Saturday, May 5, 18, 09:09:38, 3 Weeks In Education

Every child may not be able to understand at the same level what is being taught in the school as the learning capabilities vary from child to child. Hence, some children need that extra attention and support from the teacher which might not be possible in the school. Especially, many children find maths and science subjects very difficult and often could not perform as expected by the teachers or the parents. At such times it is better to join them in the tuition classes where experienced tutor...

Tuesday, April 24, 18, 07:22:29, 1 Month In Education

Most of the children often face difficulty with subjects like maths and science and need to put in that extra efforts to excel in the subject. Though teachers try to help the students in these subjects it may always not be possible for them to pay individual attention to every student. However, by joining your children in the Dwaraka tuition centre, Scholars Point you can help them learn the subject by thoroughly understanding the concepts in a fun and practical way. The tuition centre is run by...

Monday, April 16, 18, 07:48:38, 1 Month In Education

There are many children who find it difficult to understand the subject while taught in the class. This is because these children need some more extra attention and time to grasp the subject which may not be provided by the teachers at school as they need to take care of many students in the class room. This may eventually result in lagging behind in the subject which would obviously reflect on their grades. However, this problem can be easily overcome by the children by going to the best tuitio...

Tuesday, April 3, 18, 12:02:45, 2 Months In Education

Learning should be fun but unfortunately most of the students feel stressed when it comes to the subjects of maths and science. Though it is the responsibility of the teachers to see that the children learn the concepts so that they enjoy solving the maths problems and the science subject it often doesn’t happen as it is impossible for the teachers to concentrate on each and every child in the school. At such times, parents should also take some responsibility to teach their children these...

Tuesday, March 13, 18, 06:28:53, 3 Months In Education

Maths is a subject that needs logical thinking and a lot of practice to score well in the subject. To enhance these skills Vedic maths courses help a lot. Those who are good in the subject or lagging behind can surely fetch a lot by joining the Vedic maths course being offered by the Dwarka tuitions centre, Scholars Point. The Vedic course helps children to learn the concepts of maths quite easily with simple application methods and calculation tricks so that they become confident in the subject...

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