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Wednesday, February 14, 18, 21:06:19, 3 Days In Business

The twenty first century brought with it, many technologies and advancements in the field of communication. These technologies produced dynamic changes in ways the world used to communicate however some vintage items remained priceless and they never lost their worth till this day. Radio is one such device. No matter how many new gadgets you have, listening to talk shows and your favourite back to back tracks on radio has always been the best form of relaxation. Radio used to exist as bulky, hea...

Friday, February 9, 18, 00:10:52, 1 Week In Business

The use of a Digital Two Way Radio is enjoyable and there is no single person who will want their services to be terminated because of mishandling it. It is important for a person to make sure that they have done something to grand them a longer lifespan. There is no way a person will expect to receive services from a device for a longer time if they are not taking good care of it. The only way through which a person can be assured of services for a longer time is by taking part in act...

Wednesday, January 17, 18, 01:24:57, 1 Month In Business

Communication has become a major enabler for business and lifestyle in general especially in this 21st century where there are new innovations each day. The two-way radio repeater is an advanced form of the traditional handheld radios that had limited range of communication.What is a repeater?A repeater is basically a radio communication gadget that uses a frequency receive-retransmit mechanism to broadcast frequency to a wide reception spectrum. Basically, the repeater receives frequency from a...

Tuesday, January 16, 18, 23:46:09, 1 Month In Business

Why is portable radio important?   Portable radio (Icom) is also known as a two way radio, walkie talkie, hand held radio or a handie talkie. This device is wireless and the use of it had begun right from world war one. It is highly efficient to convey messages and information from person to another. It is an easy and a very convenient way of transmitting messages back and forth since it can be used for both sending and receiving communication. It was first developed and used by an Austra...

Tuesday, January 16, 18, 21:59:38, 1 Month In Business

What is a two way radio? A two way radio acts like both a receiver and a transmitter which can be used for sending as well as receiving messages unlike a broadcast receiver where only messages can be received and not send across to the other end. It is often known to be as walkie talkie or handie talkie or hand held radio. With the help of these two way radio, a person can send across a message to another who holds the same radio frequency channel. The transfigurations with which these tw...

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