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Friday, November 9, 18, 08:16:34, 4 Months In Business

With the current advancement in technology, there has been a drastic change in the way we communicate or get information. This has been greatly influence by the development of portable communication media and mostly the portable radio has witness a lot of changes over this period of time. People are still able to enjoy the older version of radios – analog tuned radios but the new portable radio has brought with it digital tuning and display. But, you also need to know that not all the radi...

Thursday, August 9, 18, 15:15:38, 7 Months In Business

A two-way radio headset is an impressive accessory because while communicating through it, your hands remain free. Most of these headsets are available at affordable prices, buying one to satisfy your needs is not a problem. When purchasing a 2-way radio headset, make sure that the device you selected is in tune with your 2-way radio as many kinds of connectors are there. Headsets with Boom Microphone These headsets are quite common and advantageous. When you speak into a microphone sitting ne...

Wednesday, August 8, 18, 14:06:05, 7 Months In Business

It is the sound clarity that matters most for people who use radios, the quality of sound enables you to hear and comprehend the conveyed message. To get proper sound, you should use a good quality earpiece. Motorola 2 Way Radio earpiece utilizes the advanced technology to make sure that you enjoy the best quality sound. Moreover, its popularity is a bigger proof that it is a reliable and exceptional performer. How to select the right earpiece? The market is full of earpiece brands which makes...

Wednesday, August 8, 18, 13:55:51, 7 Months In Business

In past few years, the emergence of digital two-way radio has led to the addition of a completely new range of radio services and equipment, but there is also a small group of people who have the opinion that this new addition has increased the complications because of which they find it hard to interpret and understand. It is the responsibility of Security managers, Facility managers, General managers and other buyers to make sure that they have purchased the ‘correct’ equipment wi...

Friday, April 13, 18, 10:11:32, 11 Months In Business

Two way radios have made communication easier on many levels. Not only are they a hassle free alternative to usual methods of communication but also provides real time transfer and is portable. The portability feature has helped in popularizing two-way radio all the more in the market. The system has since been updated and modified with new technological innovations and the designs have changed into trendy sleek ones. Many companies manufacture and market portable radios and have their own ...

Wednesday, April 4, 18, 14:00:22, 11 Months In Business

Two way radios redefined communication and connectivity when they were first launched in the market. The two-way radio or walkie-talkie as they are commonly called, made data transfer easy in many ways. As time went by, technology went places and more and more advanced form of the two-way radio made it big as an industry. Today, we have numerous companies and brands that manufacture and market two-way radios. The concept, portability and easy to use features made them big in government serv...

Monday, March 26, 18, 15:08:29, 12 Months In Business

Our varied range of services within the two-way radio industry aims at providing effective solutions to meet all the requirements of the customers. Analogue and Digital Two Way Radio has taken the market by storm and because of its convenience and easy to use methods. More about two-way radios The transmitting and receiving feature of this radio makes the user connect and contact with other radios within the same frequency. The half-duplex mode of radios like this enables either tran...

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