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Monday, December 4, 17, 09:26:53, 2 Months In Business

The answer may be that they are not real people at all, but fake IDs used for spamming with the hope you will investigate further so they can realize their advertising potential. Spam has been an invasive part of the internet since its early days. With the introduction of the variety of apps, there are numerous hackers trying to take advantage of the system for their own benefits. Since there is an economic incentive for the hackers, users of Instagram need to be patient with the platform. Wha...

Friday, December 1, 17, 13:39:15, 2 Months In Business

Instagram is a great way to share your photos and comments. Usually, the experience is not only positive but exciting as comments and photos go back and forth. However, unfortunately, not everyone exhibits the social graces you expect and it becomes necessary to stop the inappropriate vocabulary, the negative comments or worse still, the abusive language. If you are in this situation, there are a few things to know not only about how to delete the follower but also what other precautions you can...

Saturday, November 4, 17, 13:02:32, 3 Months In Internet

Social Media Activists have been reporting spam on social media sites, such as Facebook and SnapChat for years. It is clear now that with the ongoing technological advancements, many issues and concerns are related to spamming. The most recent victim of this matter is the increasingly popular social media photo-sharing site known as Instagram.We all are well-aware of Instagram’s popularity as millions of users post their photos and stories constantly. So, it becomes even more essential to ...

Tuesday, October 24, 17, 12:15:38, 3 Months In Internet

We all have those cat-happy friends and pushy relatives who are always into bothering and irritating us on our Instagram account. They send such embarrassing comments on our posts and we have no control over their responses. It becomes quite difficult to deal with some followers, especially spammers; and although we cannot delete a follower, we can clean our Instagram account. New and better privacy options have recently been introduced which will make the readers quite happy. Safeguarding Optio...

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