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Saturday, September 16, 17, 12:27:52, 1 Week In Internet

Believe it or not, your social media accounts can have more than just an impact on the standing amongst your friends and family. Yes, silly pictures can attract likes, shares, and general admiration that can make your page the envy of Instagram. Yet, how much thought have you put into what employers might think of your posts and pictures? Employers are checking the social media pages of potential employees now more than ever and there have been several cases in which employers have not hired som...

Tuesday, August 29, 17, 12:42:40, 4 Weeks In Internet

Instaspam has become a common thing these days in the world of Instagram. If you are hearing of it for the first time, you may think you are being spammed as you have no clue what it actuallyis. Well, the truth is it is in existence and it occurs when you start receiving a flood of fake Instagram followers. Although you may be happy with the numbers, one question should linger in your mind - where have all these requests come from all of a sudden?Types of instaspammers•    Pa...

Friday, August 18, 17, 12:52:20, 1 Month In Internet

Most of the time, we do love it when someone follows us on Instagram. But in some cases, you may wish you had never made someone your follower. Whether it is just a stalker or an annoying company profile that is following you, it is not comfortable for you to realize the fact that they are seeing all your posts. So, here is a post on how to actually remove such unwanted followers from your account. You can unfollow or follow a profile, but can you delete it? The answer is, yes. Let’s find ...

Friday, July 28, 17, 14:44:59, 2 Months In Internet

One of the most revolutionary online platforms for sharing your photos is Instagram. It can be trusted and the quality of the content on Instagram is very high. But you might have noticed that with such great service, it is also the home of some spammers. Some recent studies have found approximately 24 million counterfeit accounts on Instagram are present that are aimed to mislead us. Commonly, these types of accounts are called ‘spam bots.’ These fake users can spoil your experience...

Wednesday, July 19, 17, 12:35:43, 2 Months In Internet

Instaspam may be a new word, but it already has a great impact on the social media. With the technological advancements, the number of spams has also been increasing rapidly. Today, it has become essential for everyone to learn how to avoid spams. The latest victim of spammers is social media photo sharing site Instagram. As this site has numerous users, it has become an easy target. Although the company has already taken the initiatives, we should also know how to protect ourselves from the spa...

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