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Friday, October 20, 17, 20:03:38, 2 Months In Food and Drink

Thoughts of Christmas and birthday presents make you feeling stressed? Worried that all of the standard gifts are too bland and by the books? Well, if you’re looking to buy someone a great gift that they won’t be expecting, a bitters gift set is a great choice! It’s also great for someone who loves bitters, but maybe is running low. Or, if you want to buy one for yourself because you want to try something new, then nothing should stop you. If you’re feeling any of these s...

Sunday, October 15, 17, 01:20:14, 2 Months In Food and Drink

In this article,we will tell you how to make a cocktail shrub. There are few different methods that we will go over ,and how you concoct your own cocktail shrub will be based primarily on your personal preference. But before we get to that point, we should  address what a cocktail shrub is.What is a Cocktail Shrub?It sounds like something in your yard that you can dip in cocktail sauce. It's not! In reality, a cocktail shrub is a delicious syrup created from a few general ingredients: vineg...

Thursday, October 12, 17, 22:24:29, 2 Months In Food and Drink

Have you been to any of those cheap bars that gave you a handful of good times and a mouthful of bad drinks? Sure, it was great for the moment; but as you start to expand your horizons, you realize that quality bars use different tools in their arsenal, which helps to make the experience of their patrons much better. One such tool is an amazing little bottle called a cocktail bitter, which can  make a decent drink amazing! After my first experience with them, I had this question; what are t...

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