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Thursday, August 31, 17, 08:45:41, 3 Weeks In Health and Fitness

Protea Medical center is located in Arizona and they offer the best and quality health care service delivery which you can find at this part of the world. They help their clients and patients who are suffering from different medical conditions by making things easy for them so that they live a life of wellness and good health. They have a team of experienced medical personnel who see to it that the stay of clients and patients in their medical center is not only pleasant and rewarding but it fet...

Thursday, August 31, 17, 08:20:20, 3 Weeks In Health and Fitness

Low libido is mostly caused by hormonal imbalances at times this low libido can affect marriages and relationship if the couple does not understand the issue. Some of the time low libido can happen after birth and taking birth control pills. It is also important not to assume as some women generally have low libido issues. It is therefore important to visit a doctor if you notice such signs and symptoms. Low libido in women affects many women and it’s therefore not an issue to be ashamed o...

Thursday, August 31, 17, 08:07:29, 3 Weeks In Health and Fitness

At Protealife medical center we treat numerous diseases. We listen, examine, and talk to you before treating or giving medication. This allows us to get all the symptoms and thus give us the right idea of which disease we should be treating. Some of the hormonal diseases and disorders we treat include: hormonal anxiety, hormonal irritability and also offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. All these are diseases and disorders caused by hormones but don’t worry we at Protealife medi...

Thursday, August 17, 17, 09:56:38, 1 Month In Health and Fitness

At Protea medical center we offer a wide range of quality medical services. Some of the services we offer include natural migraine treatment, bio-identical hormone therapy and premenstrual syndrome treatment among others. If you need any of the above services then this is the best place to seek those services. We have enough well trained and experienced doctors who will provide the best services possible.• Natural migraine treatment.Among the many other services we offer we expertise in the...

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Protea Medical Center of Chandler & Glendale, AZ provides bio-identical hormone replacement therapy doctors treatments for women. We do not use synthetic hormones. Our physicians are nationally known educators on advanced regenerative therapeutics.

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