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Friday, November 10, 17, 14:45:16, 1 Week In Business

Before modern coding principles were established, business logic was directly implemented into application code, thus tightly coupling it with the application. Though doing this was the simplest way to code, it wasn’t the smartest approach since it meant having to change a significant amount of code if the business logic needed even the slightest modification. The need to de-couple business logic and application code gave rise to rule engines. A Rule Engine is a piece of software, which h...

Friday, November 3, 17, 17:47:04, 2 Weeks In Business

As an industry, Retail has seen a complete makeover in the past decade. Consumers have become comfortable with the idea of modern trade and e-retail outlets, often seeking value on unconventional platforms. While this is a promising development for retail organizations, it also means that the need for better customer experience has intensified. This is why several global and domestic organized retail organizations have invested in Big Data Analytics for getting to know their customers bette...

Friday, October 27, 17, 12:56:33, 3 Weeks In Business

Of the various JavaScript based web development frameworks and libraries, two of the most popular ones are Angular 2 and React JS. Even though both have their distinct pros and cons, when it comes to developing web and mobile applications, your organizational needs can clearly determine the best option for you. While React is a Facebook offering, Angular 2 is a Google product. Angular has seen adoption by companies like PayPal, Nike, HBO, Sony and the Guardian, whereas React has been adopted by...

Friday, October 13, 17, 19:31:31, 1 Month In Business

Customer relationship management has become an undeniable priority for all business organizations that are looking to grow in a sustainable manner. With individual and business customers becoming more and more service conscious, organizations are learning to adopt and integrate competitive CRM solutions. And even though biggies like Microsoft, SAP and Oracle have been offering extensive CRM solutions to business buyers, for small business organizations finding the right CRM within their budget h...

Friday, October 6, 17, 18:51:19, 2 Months In Business

In 2012, Python was still a new programming language and compared to the other five popular programming languages was the least searched one. Fast track to 2017 and Python’s popularity has grown 2.5 times, becoming one of the most searched tag on Stack Overflow. Not only that, TIOBE index also lists Python as the fifth most popular programming language, following right behind Java, C, C++ and C#. The biggest reason for Python’s rising popularity is its clean syntax and large librari...

Tuesday, October 3, 17, 20:06:26, 2 Months In Business

Web applications and mobile apps require dynamic views which cannot be created with HTML that is better suited for designing static documents. That is why JavaScript MVC frameworks rose to prominence as appropriate development tools for web and mobile applications. Of these tools, Angular JS has been apprised positively and is being considered as the best tool for making Visualforce pages in Salesforce. Not only can you make Salesforce compatible with mobile platform but can also dynamically co...

Tuesday, October 3, 17, 19:45:16, 2 Months In Business

However, there are 8 unique and free SharePoint tools that can make life easy for any IT admin and allow developers to optimize their SharePoint experience – 1. ManageEngine's Free SharePoint Health Monitor Tool This incredible health monitor tool gives a convenient dashboard view of your servers, providing details about the memory, CPY, disk space usage, etc. You can drill down into SharePoint workload and view the response time, service status and web server process details. You can al...

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