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Friday, December 28, 18, 14:54:53, 3 Weeks In Education

Aviation is one of the newest industries in the world. Although just over a century old, aviation enjoys a limitless future. The aeroplane transports people and cargo around the world at speeds unimaginable a century ago. The aeroplane has truly made the world smaller. Powered flight had its origins with the Wright Brothers, early in the 20th century. After World War 1, the airplane was used for mail-runs, “barn-storming”, and the first scheduled flights took place. At this stage, a...

Friday, September 28, 18, 13:17:38, 4 Months In Education

There are many people across the globe who think that aviation industry is going through tough times. And, the same is going to be the situation for many years to come. However, this is not true. The fact is that the aviation sector has seen rapid growth in last few years. With the introduction of low cost airlines, demand for professionals in this sector has skyrocketed. As a matter of fact, the number of pilot training schools has also witnessed rapid growth. If you are looking for a career in...

Tuesday, May 8, 18, 12:03:40, 9 Months In Education

A large number of people all over the world dream of becoming a pilot, however only a few are able to do so. The reasons for it are many and vary from person to person. Irrespective of what your reason is to take enrolment to an aviation academy, there are a few important things you should know before starting this journey.`Here we bring to you criteria in selecting a pilot training academy. When it comes to choosing a flight training school, there are a few important factors that you should pa...

Saturday, April 7, 18, 15:15:25, 10 Months In Education

When you see an aircraft flying above 30,000 feet, it is often you dream of becoming a pilot and fly across clouds. Although the job of a commercial pilot seems exciting and thrilling, it comes with set of responsibilities as you are entrusted with the lives of the hundreds of passengers and the crew. No two flights are same in any way, as you maneuver several different models of aircraft through different weather conditions. Preparing for this profession requires you to have thousands of hours ...

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