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At the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy, you’ve got your basic needs - physiological and safety. There’s a lot we take for granted, but, at the end of the day, if we aren’t healthy and safe, not much else matters (or is possible). Fire alarms, for you and many others, likely connote a mid-day disruption at work, often either a false alarm or a test of an emergency system. They aren’t taken seriously. Standing out in the parking lot, after you’ve filed out with yo...

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When purchasing a fire alarm system, you should always make sure you understand the design and installation required for your device. However, before you take the plunge, you need to understand some of the fundamentals of these emergency instruments. Otherwise, you could end up purchasing the wrong type of Belden fire alarm cable option for your repair, improperly disarm your device, or even acquire a system that is unfit for your specific needs. To help ensure you choose the right option for yo...

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In some ways, a boat’s electrical system is similar to that of other transportation methods. It requires a Battery Cable Wire, proper wiring and installation, and a regular maintenance schedule. However, any boat owner can tell you one of the most common issues they face with insurance companies is with the electrical system. These problems are often due to improvising completed by the owner or an electrician without significant research. To ensure you get your boat insured, make sure to a...

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