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Monday, September 25, 17, 12:05:22, 1 Day Ago Via naplesdrone In Business

Approaching a real estate agency for sale and purchase of a property is still the preferred option for many people. The expertise of the real estate agent can connect the right buyers and sellers so that they both benefit from it. But the buying habits of people are now determined by convenience. In an age where there are e-commerce services delivering even toilet papers to your home, the potential customers want to get things done with the least amount of effort. Hence, today, many online webs...

Monday, September 25, 17, 07:54:29, 1 Day Ago Via naplesdrone In Business

It is not possible for anyone to just pick up a camera and take great real estate photos. It takes special skills to take the right photographs so as to showcase a real estate property for a prospective buyer or leaser. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you capture great real estate photos.•    Wide angle is your friendReal estate photography will often require you to photograph closed and confined spaces, such as bathrooms and small bedrooms. For photographing su...

Wednesday, September 20, 17, 13:42:54, 6 Days Ago Via sophiacruz In News

There are several factors associated with photography which have a direct or indirect affect on its outcome. Knowledge about these nuances helps to bring about a much better perception about things like white balance, focus, exposure etc. Photography is about two basic things:  The conception of the image to be clicked and  The final representation of the image on media. The advent of DSLR photography has made it much easier for even an amateur to click the perceived image but f...

Wednesday, September 20, 17, 12:56:13, 6 Days Ago Via sophiacruz In News

Digital photography is the new-age photography which has the capability of showcasing even the smallest of details beautifully. But in order to get that sort of precision, it becomes necessary to undertake relevant photography tutorials. These tutorials and workshops are generally held by prestigious photography firms like Nikon etc. In fact some of these tutorials are also available online in the form of learn photography app or even photography training tutorials. There are generally two...

Tuesday, September 19, 17, 14:25:02, 1 Week Ago Via sophiacruz In News

There is nothing like making a career out of your passion. If photography is what drives your interest and what you want to do for the rest of your life, you should undergo professional photography training to give the right direction to your career path. If you have a passion for photography, you will already have certain advantages over your competition. You must already have spent a lot of time shooting outdoors. This guide provides you tips on how to turn your passion into career. Enthusias...

Saturday, September 16, 17, 13:15:39, 1 Week Ago Via alphdupre25 In News

16, September 2017: A popular wedding photography company in Oxfordshire is offering couples the chance for a free, stylish engagement photo shoot, beginning their time planning a wedding in a truly magical way. The couples will be granted a premium photo shoot and a canvas print of the memory to treasure forever. Zaki Charles Photography has been eager to explore the beautiful locations around Oxfordshire and has decided this is the perfect way to capture the location. With a free engageme...

Saturday, September 16, 17, 10:24:22, 1 Week Ago Via insafali737 In Business

Candid Wedding Photography Sydney   Hi,  I’m Jay. I’m a Sydney based photographer specialising in contemporary, candid wedding photography. My style is also called a photojournalistic or documentary wedding photography, because what I wish to achieve is to capture your wedding as it happens and try to interfere as little as possible. I will be around the entire day, quietly observing and documenting your day how I see it. I don’t i...

Saturday, September 16, 17, 10:14:46, 1 Week Ago Via insafali737 In Business

Headshots Sydney Below you'll find a list of all posts that have been tagged as “corporate headshots sydney” Onsite Corporate Headshots Sydney We are Dating Profile Photographers as well as a portrait and headshots Sydney photographers. Personal Portraits, Online Dating Photos, Social media images Yes we can come to you for the corporate Headshots Sydney session. This is just a quick behind the scenes photo from one of our recent onsite corporate headshots s...

Friday, September 15, 17, 15:47:16, 2 Weeks Ago Via sophiacruz In Arts and Entertainment

If you have a passion in photography or want to make a career in this field, you should join workshops in the best photography school india. Such workshops can provide you a wide range of exposure, increasing your skills and knowledge. Here are 6 ways these workshops can help you become a better photographer. 1. Basics of DSLR Cameras Such workshops are perfect for beginners. You will learn about the basics of using a DSLR camera, covering topics like camera options, how to handle it and the b...

Thursday, August 31, 17, 14:19:43, 4 Weeks Ago Via sophiacruz In News

There are so many beautiful sights in nature, but when a person tries to capture the beauty, it usually does not look as good. This is where the optimal use of a camera comes in. Photography is an art where a person is able to render a story or scenery from his viewpoint correctly to an audience. Proper Photography Training helps a person learn how to take pictures as he/she sees them. For learning how to make pictures look as desired the basics of Photography, starting with the camera sho...

Tuesday, August 22, 17, 12:44:51, 1 Month Ago Via naplesdrone In Business

Drone photography can be a wonderful addition to your on-going photography project or a fresh new start to photography all together. A drone can help you capture new captivating angles on the familiar subjects. Although the type of camera you use for drone photography can largely affect the outcome, a little tweak even on a Phantom’s camera can surprise you. The location for your photography also matters; and there’s no better location than Naples. Here are some tips to help you get ...

Monday, August 21, 17, 14:37:18, 1 Month Ago Via sophiacruz In News

When a person begins with an activity like photography, it is often difficult to think where exactly to begin from. It may also be possible that you may have started taking pictures long back but wish to upgrade your photography skills. Since the ability to efficiently use a digital camera is a herculean task on its own, one cannot become a pro overnight. Moreover, photography is not only about clicking photographs but also knowing the basics. The material depicted below would help you learn th...


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