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Friday, January 4, 19, 10:16:27, 2 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Support and resistance is a very important part of Analysis Trends, we will use Support and resistance in the technical analysis for the trading decision and Trend reverse (Trend Reverse). If we look at an example then a Trader is a level of resistance that he identifies, and always comes down to the level of the stock, and sometimes it does not break the level, so from this we will get this decree We can take the Profit Book as soon as the stock comes to the level. It is his strong resistance. ...

Thursday, December 20, 18, 11:17:51, 2 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Finance

Why should we like Low Cost Online Stock Broker or Discount Online Stock Broker? For our online stock trading and for online stock broker day trading, here we will learn here today. It is very important for you that if you are a Day Trader or you are trading in Future & Option then you should have a Low Cost Online Stock Broker, And if you are an investor, then you invest your money for long term in the stock market, if you do not have a Low Cost Online Stock Broker, you will trade here fo...

Wednesday, December 5, 18, 08:34:46, 3 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Fundamental analysis means that if you want to stocks in stock market, Before buying, decide which company to stock? And if I take this company's stock then why should I stock it? You invest in the company in a way by taking shares and you will definitely want to get the maximum profit after the company gets the share, then the price of your share will also increase and you will also get good profit dividend income. If you are investing in a company here to earn profits, then we would definite...

Thursday, November 22, 18, 10:44:47, 3 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

You have seen that the stock market sometimes falls in the same way as in 2008, and at that time many traders and investors had lost their money, but at that time there were some traders and investors who did not lost their money, as he had put his money in the stock market by managing money. As these generals learn differently about different types of stock from different people, many people say that the stock market is a wager that people lose their money, many people say that stock market is...

Tuesday, October 23, 18, 11:21:24, 4 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

STOPLOSS in stock market means that you are stopping the loss that is happening in the stock market. This means that you will not lose more money in trades you have taken, because you have stopped loss by keeping stop loss. For an example like we bought 50 shares of HDFC BANK in RS.1000 and in a trade. So we have invested 50000 rupees in total. Just because these HDFC BANK shares increase by 1000, we will get PROFIT, but this does not happen every time, sometimes the price of the stock decrease...

Wednesday, October 10, 18, 11:57:16, 5 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

The stock price, which always moves in a trend (such as up trend, downtrend or sideways), and which is Trend, which does not always remain of particular stock, it means that there was change, when the trend was changed Stock chart me price action certain chart forms the price pattern, we know from stock chart price pattern. Advantages of off of the chart. What is the price pattern? Chart Price Pattern lets us know the target of stock price From Price Pattern, we know the time of stock pri...

Tuesday, September 25, 18, 12:13:45, 5 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

In addition to the information about stock market activities, news about companies and other information, information about how the stock market works, what other information should be kept in mind for those who invest in the stock market. What news, statistics and trends we should take care of and how this can affect our investment. If you are investing in the stock market then you have to be careful about the companies whose shares you have bought or the shares you want to buy and their finan...

Wednesday, August 29, 18, 11:22:44, 6 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

What is the face value? In terms of face value shares, it is very important to know and understand what the face value is, what is its relation with the valuation of the stock or the market price. Here, we will also understand how the stock splits, what is its effect on the face value of the stock and the impact of its share on the stock split can have its effect on market prices. Face Value is the actual value of the face value share, which is marked on the stock proofs. If the total share cap...

Friday, August 17, 18, 11:31:07, 7 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Penny Stocks are those shares which are available at very low prices in the stock market. Their name may have been called Penny Stocks and these stocks or the shares available at less than a dollar in the US are known as Penny Stock. Shares in trading in India at less than ten rupees can be called Penny Stocks. They are also called Chavanni Shares in Hindi. These stocks are usually small companies whose capital is very low, there is no major turnover and most of these companies run in losses or...

Friday, August 3, 18, 11:54:57, 7 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Bonus shares are the shares given to the shareholders in proportion to their number of shares. For example, 1: 1 bonus means that a shareholder will get an additional share for each purchased stock. That is, if an investor already has 10 shares then he will get 10 shares. The shareholder will not have to pay anything for these shares. In order to give bonus shares to the investors, the company holds a portion of its profits in the reserve capitals over the years. When these Capital Reserve grows...

Friday, August 3, 18, 11:43:49, 7 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Ways2Capital is looking Finance & Marketing Interns who will directly assist the team with a wide range of Financial Products and are ready to join at immediate. Qualification : MBA Pursuing Candidates. Stipend : As per performance Duration of Internship : 2 Months Perks: 1. Internship Certificate 2. Free Tea Break (2 times) Mail us at or call us at 0731-6626771 , 7772800709 Or Visit our office for Interview- Address: Ways2Capital (High Brow market Research...

Tuesday, July 24, 18, 11:53:50, 8 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

To understand the IPO, we first understand what the IPO is, and it means that the full form of the IPO is the Initial Public Offer. Initial public offer means that a company is offering its company shares to Publish. The IPO in the stock market (market) issues issue to the shareholders of their company. The company raises money from investors for its working capital, for its expansion, by increasing its share issue. You know that the company needs money so that she gets the IPO but to bring an...

Wednesday, July 11, 18, 11:22:06, 8 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Stock Split occurs when a company decides to issue new stock and to decide which stockholders to sell them. It is decided by Board of Directors of this company. The most common times that the common stock split is 1: 1 oh when this happens, the shareholders who have shares with them will now be more, but their value is halfway. The total value of your stock does not change. For example, if you have 100 shares before Stock Split and the price is RS 500. Per share, so after stock split you get RS...

Thursday, June 28, 18, 12:13:16, 9 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Different economies are linked with each other in concern of FDI and FII that promote the ultimate growth of economy. Forex is an international market that facilitates trading in different currency pairs. At domestic or national level there various Exchange are available that provide a platform for Currency trading like in India NSE (National Stock Exchange), MCX-SX. In both this exchange mainly 4 currency pairs are traded on its Derivative contract. This are Currency Pairs   &n...

Wednesday, June 20, 18, 11:53:55, 9 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Finance

As the different economy has open there doors for the investment from Foreign Investment Institution and Foreign Direct Investment. That means each economy wants to sustain in global market in concern of their performance and growth for which there are some perimeters, these are dollar reserve ratio, import and export, monitory policy, interest rate, inflation rate all these factor affect the growth of that economy and the value of currency as compare to the other currencies. As we know that, f...

Wednesday, May 30, 18, 12:56:45, 10 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

As equity market is a market where equities or share of different companies are issued and traded, that is also known as capital market apart from that there are two types of capital market 1st one is primary market, in which through IPO (initial public offering) different companies offers to the investor to invest their capital in that company, here company provides dividend to investor as a return.   After issuing IPO share comes to Secondary Market where a general trader or investor ca...

Thursday, May 17, 18, 12:12:40, 10 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

General traders don’t have much information about the derivative market; they generally got confused in future and option contracts. Future contract focused on both right and obligations for both the buy to buy and seller to sell at some point in time in future. Option contracts provide the rights but not the obligation of buying and selling of financial instruments at a fixed price or on or before a future date which is mutually fixed by both the parties. You buy the right to honors the c...

Tuesday, May 8, 18, 11:28:20, 10 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

A cash market is a market place involving commodities and securities transaction. In this cash market it is a exchange of goods and money between the seller and the buyer. This market is also called as spot market. This cash transaction takes place on a regulated exchange or over the counter. A cash transaction required all aspects of trade by including delivery of payments to be finalized on the trade date. It involves less risk than margin trading, for this risk is limited to only the cash inv...

Tuesday, May 1, 18, 12:06:55, 11 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

In Future trading are a forward contract which can be traded between the two parties and the parties initially agreed to buy and sell the assets at an agreed price, the delivery and the payments occur in the future and it’s a derivative product. It is a marketplace between the buyer and the seller and these contracts are negotiated at future exchange were a buyer is a long position holder, and the selling party is a short position holder. Financial future introduced in 1972 in which curr...

Thursday, April 19, 18, 14:31:53, 11 Months Ago Via ways2capitaladvisor In Investing

Future market is the market where the commodities, securities or foreign currencies are bought and sold. Purchase of goods is done on today's rate, but going forward, what will be the rate of those items or securities or foreign currencies ... they are left on a future fixed date. This rate goes back and forth every day as a stock market. Suppose I go to the future market to Rs. Buying a cooler of 3000, thinking that going forward, it will cost Rs. 5000 is going to happen. This happened even fu...


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