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Tuesday, July 10, 18, 14:18:43, 2 Weeks Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

After rent and mortgages, most Canadians would consider groceries their major routine expenses. However, you’ll be surprised to know that actually, transport is the second-highest monthly expense in most Canadian households. Transport costs account for 20% of after-tax income for many middle-class families. This is because Canadians can’t live without a car! If you consider depreciation, owning a car can cost between $8,600 and $13,000 annually, close to $12,000 - the amount Canadian...

Tuesday, July 10, 18, 13:33:25, 2 Weeks Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

As the housing market has started to heat up, buying a home can make a big dent in your pocket. After finding your dream home, you don’t want to worry about the extensive costs of insuring it too, right? Don’t worry. We have some effective money saving tips to help you get the Best Home Insurance Quotes Canada. 1. Avail Multi-Policy DiscountsSince insurance companies are looking for more business, they will reward you for buying multiple policies from the same company. You can sav...

Tuesday, July 10, 18, 11:36:10, 2 Weeks Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

If you’ve recently bought a new car, just became a licensed driver or are up for a renewal, shopping around for car insurance in Canada can be an overwhelming experience. In order to help you find the best quote online and acquire a policy that suits you best, we bring you 5 things to consider when you’re comparing car insurance quotes online. 1. Consider your Annual Vehicle Operating CostThe annual operating cost for a compact car in Alberta is nearly $8914, including an insuranc...

Thursday, May 31, 18, 17:17:58, 2 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

Although it is not mandatory by the law to have a home insurance in Alberta, it is strongly recommended as it protects one of the biggest assets of your life. If you don’t have home insurance, you put your personal finances at a major risk. Also, banks and other financial institutions will not give you a mortgage or loan if you don’t have a proof of homeowners’ insurance in Alberta. As a general rule, you must have enough insurance that can cover the costs associated with rebui...

Wednesday, May 30, 18, 13:58:08, 2 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

Insurance brokers have extensive experience in auto insurance and risk management. They help individuals procure the right type of coverage for their vehicles, usually at no extra cost to the clients. Going through a broker to buy insurance is one of the best ways to get value for your money and find the perfect coverage in Alberta. What Does an Auto Insurance Broker Do?Auto insurance brokers are required by the province to have an insurance broker license, for which they need to complete a c...

Monday, April 30, 18, 15:48:48, 3 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

When you buy a new home, you’re already reeling below the massive costs of your home and the interiors. Spending a bomb on home insurance is the last thing you want. Here are some ways in which you can cut the cost of home insurance: 1. Combine home insurance and auto insurance – Suppose you’re looking to buy a burger, a pack of French fries and a Coke. Would it be a better deal if you bought each of it separately or you bought the combo? If you are giving the insurer more bus...

Saturday, April 28, 18, 09:41:24, 3 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

Many folks are disappointed, at some point during their policy term, with what they gain from their insurance policy. Much of the annoyance can be attributed to simple misunderstandings about the way that home insurance works. Many commonly held beliefs about home insurance are in fact myths that need to be clarified. Why don’t Insurers clear these misconceptions? Well, simply because not many have actually asked them about it. Though ignorance is bliss, we must contend that, knowledge i...

Wednesday, April 25, 18, 10:36:39, 3 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

It can be an expensive affair to own and maintain a car. However, with the right strategy, you don’t have to be broke while driving the car of your dreams. We bring you the top 10 ideas that will ensure cheap car insurance with the right coverage. 1. Reduce Your Coverage on Older CarsThose who own an old car that’s paid for can consider skipping collision coverage. This coverage pays for any damage that you may cause to your vehicle and it can contribute to a large amount of your pr...

Tuesday, April 24, 18, 10:15:21, 3 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

When you’ve been driving for a long period, you tend to take your car for granted. You expect it to offer faithful service every day on the road and run smoothly every time you start the ignition. However, when the weather conditions change, your car might find it difficult to cope with the challenges of winter and thus, it are important to shower it with some extra love and care. We bring you the top 7 tips to keep your car healthy and happy even in the extreme winters of Canada. 1. Ligh...

Tuesday, April 17, 18, 09:07:15, 3 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

In some cases, the factors affecting your car premiums make a lot of sense. For instance, if you live in an area with more crimes, or you have an expensive car, you pay higher premiums. But there are many other factors that contribute towards your premium rates which might sound really weird. For instance, your insurance company knows that surgeons had the most accidents while building society clerks had the fewest last year. Virgos were worst for accidents but Pisceans had more convictions. Ins...

Wednesday, March 28, 18, 09:18:25, 4 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

Direct car insurance, just like the name suggests, is an insurance you buy directly through the insurance carrier, without the help of an agent. Direct insurance is also called online insurance and it is popular with millennials as they are most comfortable with online purchases. How Does It Work?A direct insurance carrier essentially cuts the middleman in the process and sells directly to you. This means that you have the ability to maintain, write and access your own insurance policy. By el...

Tuesday, March 27, 18, 15:04:32, 4 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

Every car driver needs valid car insurance when commuting in Canada. With so many choices of coverage and companies, it pays to be diligent while searching for the right auto insurance policy. On the surface, car insurance might look the same, but one size doesn’t fit all. You need to research and understand your needs before buying your policy. Being over-covered or under-covered is one of the most common mistakes made by policyholders. Read on to know more about the mistakes you can avoi...

Friday, March 23, 18, 15:05:24, 4 Months Ago Via BeneficialInsurance In Finance

Car insurance can be tricky. Almost as tricky and confusing as buying a new car. And when you need to buy both within a budget, there’s no alternative to being smart and planning well in advance. If you’re wondering how to fit your new car and its insurance within your budget, here are a few tips: Check Your Finances:It’s always better to start off by making a budget. Include the maintenance and the insurance costs when you’re figuring out how much you can spend on you...


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