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Remove ads on Mozilla Firefox using Adblock
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Dial Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Phone Number, Call 24/7 for Immediate Technical resolution.

In Mozilla Firefox, sometimes it happens that some programs are not working properly like TV channels and more because of adblock is enabled. This restricts users to avail some of the services of Firefox. In such case, it is essential to turn off ad blocker so that all the restricted sites could be accessed through Mozilla browser.

There are some of the easiest methods helping users to remove ads on firefox

Open firefox browser and select the firefox button. After this select the add-ons option and wait for some time to add-ons manager tab to appear. Select the extensions panel and select adblock. After this select the option of disable to turn off the adblocker or select remove to completely remove the adblock from the firefox. Restart the system if it asks to do so.

Sometimes there appears a message that a certain adblocker like Adblock plus is enabled. In such case, select the Adblock plus toolbar button and check which items are blocked. In order to disable extensions go to Firefox then tools option and then select add-ons followed by extensions option to check and block the given extension.

If users do not find it easy to uninstall the adblocker through these ways then they also have third method to do. If uninstall doesn’t works or the remove command grayed out then try again to uninstall firefox in safe mode. Select firefox then select help option. There select the option of restart with add-ons disabled. Close the browser and reopen it by pressing the shift button and as it restarts access the add-ons manager again to process removal.

The Mozilla firefox customer service can also be accessed by the users in case they find difficulty while blocking the adblocker in the Mozilla firefox by contacting the experts through chat or having a telephonic conversation.


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