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7 Ways to Fix the Google Chrome YouTube Fullscreen Glitch
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Have you ever faced a You tube full screen glitch while using chrome which means that despite of going for a full screen you are not able to watch You tube videos in full screen ? If yes, then it is high time that you should fix this issue through a Google Chrome customer service or by using one of the seven methods explained below:-

Method 1

  • Open Chrome browser

  • Go to youtube.com

  • open a video

  • Hit on Full screen symbol

  • Enable Full screen option on chrome

  • That’s it !

Method 2

  • Open your Google Chrome browser

  • just go to a video by opening Youtube

  • click on square symbol

  • hit on Esc button

  • right click on the current tab

  • choose “Duplicate”

  • now click on full screen symbol of the video

Method 3

  • Open Chrome

  • click on menu button

  • go to “help” -> “about Google Chrome”

  • click on “update chrome”

  • click on “Relaunch”

  • now watch your videos in full screen

Method 4

  • Open Chrome

  • now click on menu and choose settings

  • click on the link named “show advanced settings”

  • scroll down till you reach “system” header

  • remove the tick on the check box named “use hardware acceleration when available”

  • now go to youtube and click on any video

  • Next click on square like symbol

Method 5

  • Open Chrome

  • click menu and go to settings

  • now hit on “show advanced settings”

  • click on “Reset Settings”

  • Click on Reset

  • now watch the video in full screen

Method 6

  • Open Chrome browser

  • go to chrome://plugins

  • locate the option Adobe Flash Player

  • click on the link named “Disable”

  • choose a video for testing the changes made

  • click on square like icon

Method 7

  • Open chrome

  • press on menu and choose “Settings”

  • scroll down till you see the section named “Appearance”

  • click on the button named “Reset to default theme”

  • now try viewing a video

If you are not aware of applying these steps, then going for a Google Chrome Technical Support will help you unraveling your issues. Our tech support employees have the best knowledge of latest information which can be very useful for the distressed users. Hence if you are the one who needs to fix his Google chrome You tube full screen issue, then call ourGoogle Chrome Phone Number instantaneously.



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