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Drug addiction is a serious problem in Ontario, just as it is across Canada. But now the Canadian Centre for Addictions is striking back against through its recent hiring of a new addictions psychotherapist, Rob McRae.

07, December 2016: Drug addiction is a serious problem in Ontario, just as it is across Canada. But now the Canadian Centre for Addictions is striking back against through its recent hiring of a new addictions psychotherapist, Rob McRae.

Rob McRae, Registered Psychotherapist

Rob McRae is a trained psychotherapist with decades of experience in the the field. His roots are in inquiry-based counseling, as well a teaching mindfulness and acceptance. As such, Rob is one of those rare psychotherapists who feels he has a connection to a higher power - something that is greater than himself. Eastern traditions, like Buddhism, have helped Rob to forge deep connections with patients who feel that they have been struggling with spiritual issues. McRae is a member of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

The CCFA’s Approach

McRae’s hiring is part of the CCFA’s drive to offer better services for those suffering with addiction. Right now, the CCFA is pioneering rehab approaches designed to offer long-lasting treatments and help former addicts travel along the long road to recovery.

The organization's Port Hope, Ontario treatment centre is designed to take addicts out of the destructive settings in which they are used to living in and provide them with a radically new environment. Located in a property that overlooks Lake Ontario, the facility is designed to be a gateway to freedom, a world apart from patient's’ home life. The facility offers care around the clock from doctors, nurses, and trained psychotherapists.

The whole approach of the center is designed around delivering results. The CCFA takes the issue of relapse very seriously, and works diligently to make sure that this doesn’t happen. To drive results, it focuses on a customized program for each individual, rather than a cookie-cutter approach. It understands that everybody is an individual, all with their own unique needs and preferences. Psychotherapists delve deeply into the unconscious, helping patients process and understand the factors that first motivated them to turn to drugs.

The CCFA’s Value Proposition

As a drug rehab in Ontario, the aim of the CCFA is to offer patients and families value for money. Because of this, the centre takes the quality of its service very seriously. One of the things that the centre does is offer patients rooms that allow them to enjoy their stay in private accommodation. In this way, the CCFA differs from the vast majority of hospitals and other public institutions.

The CCFA also has what it calls it’s relapse guarantee. Here customers can go back to the facility for free if they suffer a relapse after having received treatment. It's worth noting that the rehab centre is committed to the idea that recovering from addictions is a process. As a result, former patients get lifelong support to help them remain substance free once they go back to their regular lives.

Getting In Touch

One good thing about private rehab clinics is that there are no long waits. This means that patients and family members can get the treatment they need immediately. Families can get in contact with the Ontario addiction clinic either over the phone or using the contact form on the CCFA website. Once they’ve done this, the CCFA will conduct a quick assessment of their situation and give information on pricing and next steps.

What Do Patients Say?

So far, the CCFA has helped over 800 families recover from serious drug addiction problems. Patients themselves report on how the rehab centre helped them turn their lives around. One patient, known only as “G,” says that when she arrived, she was a “broken soul, full of self-pity, not liking who I as, full of fear and low self-esteem.” Within a few weeks, she learned how to express her feelings and eventually left the facility feeling calm relaxed and strong for the first time in her life.

For Media Contact:
Darren C
20 De Boers Drive,
North York, Ontario
Telephone: (289) 274-7254
Email: media@ccfatreatment.org
Website: https://canadiancentreforaddictions.org


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