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PubHTML5 can help users to create page flipping book from PDF for online distribution.

06, December 2016: PubHTML5 can help users to create page flipping book from PDF for online distribution. It enables users to share the content on social networks or email to business partners to dig out the new clients.

As is known to all, there are a significant number of people using internet for business transactions. And for the content publishing, PubHTML5 is the professional software to create flipping book from PDF. It is an effective tool to widen business opportunities.

Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5, the software that elevates the quality of digital page flip publications. “It enables users to share the content on social networks or email to business partners to dig out the new clients,” she said. This allows publishers to convert PDF to flip page publications for free, online or offline.

PubHTML5 points out those digital publications broaden distribution of information across the globe, suit multiple platforms such as social media in any device, cost lower than prints, open opportunities for possible revenue-generating businesses online, and attract audiences because of its rich digital media experience.

PUBHTML5 brings users the convenience and the quality that publishers seek. The software provides smooth and realistic reading experiences through its high-definition page-flipping effects. This user-friendly PDF flipping book software can be modified according to the taste of the publishers. Users can select from 12 creative templates with editable colors, toolbars, and dimensions. It also allows you to organize your Flipbook on your own personal library.

Desktop version of PubHTML5 supports multiple file outputs from HTML, Zip, Exe, Email, to formats that are suitable for publishing online easily, both on windows and mac computers. Publications can also be saved as plug-ins for blog posts such as WordPress and Joomla. iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android users can view media files such as videos, images, and music smoothly creating a high quality and hassle-free reading experience.

“PubHTML5 is an amazing piece of software and our customers are finding the catalogs very easy to browse,” Chris Bennet of Runner’s Magazine said. PubHTML5 has been receiving positive ratings from satisfied users, emphasizing how user-friendly, cost-effective, and amazing the software brings to readers. This “all-in-one digital publishing solution” widens potentials for businesses globally.

For more about PubHTML5 flipping book software, please visit its official website: http://pubhtml5.com/.

About PubHTML5:

PubHTML5 Company develops the software which can help people to create flipping book from PDF in an engaging way. Start the free PDF to flipbook experience online or offline and see how this software turns PDF file into a graphically rich and interactive digital publication. It deserves to have a try!

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