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Shanghai Metal Corporation helps in obtaining industrial accessories made of metals. It offers a wide-range of customer services as well.

01, December 2016: To support varieties of industrial activities, many agencies are supplying coated metal accessories in various shapes and designs. Shanghai Metal Corporation is one such company which is a specialized producer and supplier of a vast range of industrial products using coated metals and latest technology in both domestic and international markets. The firm is committed to offering best and stable products in the market that can endure harsh and extreme conditions very easily. It helps clients by offering tailor-made customer services that begin from guiding buyers in every step of product selection to provide dedicated after sales services. This company is very keen to evolve new operation methods to keep pace with the ever-changing global market and to successfully meet future customer demands.

Shanghai Metal Corporation

The agency normally uses CNC machining equipment to produce many kinds of tube plate focused on nickel alloy, copper alloy, and so on. These are usually available in shapes like round, oval, square, inclined, and special ones with the appropriate hole dimension around 0.01 mm. Such tube plates are mainly used in boiler, pressure tank, steam turbine, condenser etc. The company always utilizes cutting-edge solutions in technology and processes to improve the performance and quality of products. It also helps to fulfill the dreams and ideas of clients with the support of specialized technical teams. They always provide draft designs so as to secure the approval of clients before the actual stage of production.

The company offers high-quality tube sheet heat exchanger of different grades and series. These are mainly used in chemical industries and refineries to keep the heat pressure in check. The firm takes into consideration minute details so as to supply the most unbeatable products in the market. The value-added manufacturing services of this agency not only save the time of the customers from outsourcing but also spare them from the cost of dealing with several disparate shops and deadlines. For carving metal materials into desired shapes, it uses the techniques of forming, rolling, bending, stamping, punching, and welding.

The company also supplies superior grade plate heat exchanger which is used to transfer heat between two fluids. The agency works closely with many leading shipping firms to ensure fast and timely delivery of orders in any corner of the world. The professional logistics team of this company thoroughly supervises every stage of packing to deliver the products in good conditions. The on-demand storage services of this company include advanced logistics equipment, mature management, and efficient storage.

About Shanghai Metal Corporation:

Shanghai Metal Corporation is specialized in manufacturing and supplying varieties of industrial accessories that are made of coated metals. All these products are quality certified and the firm ensures timely delivery of products. For more information, customers can visit the website of this company.

For Media Contact:
Person: Shanghai Metal
Company: Shanghai Metal Corporation
Address: 20 Floor, Yuan Mansion, 738 Dongfang Road,
Shanghai, China
Tel: 8621-58309368
Email: sales@shanghaimetal.com
Website: www.shanghaimetal.com


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