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The body can come up with different patterns especially after some major operations such as cancer-related ones.

The body can come up with different patterns especially after some major operations such as cancer-related ones. These can be depression of some parts like the breast area. In some cases, it may be a natural occurrence that may surface as one age.

Fat grafting is a procedure that uses medical equipment such as fat injection cannulas to remove fat from a part of the body and transfer same to another part requiring a fill. Here are three basic procedures that is employed in the fat transfer process.

1. Fat harvesting from donor sites

The first step in the process is harvesting of fat from the fat sufficient area of the body. This is also called the donor area. This is usually places like the thigh and the buttocks. With the use of liposuction instruments, fat harvesting is done in these locations of the body for a grafting. The donor area chosen though would depend on the decision reached between you and the surgeon for the surgery.

Harvesting is done by making incisions or sculpturing on the. With fat injection gun, the fat is extracted from the spot into the syringe.

2. The Purification process and transfer

Purification is a process the surgeon carries out before the grafting takes place. Once the extracted fat from the donor site is obtained, it is transferred into a fat injection syringe where filtration process takes place to remove the impurities in the fat before transferring to the receptor location.

3. The placement procedure

The final stage of the fat transfer is the grafting process or the placement process. By the use of fat injection cannulas, the surgeon injects the already purified fats into the receptor location to complete the grafting process.

The grafting goes through a repeat process severally to obtain the desired result. This may be determined by the amount of fill required by the customer.

Pre and post treatment preparation activities

In your fat grafting operation, your doctor would give relevant measures especially relating to habits that will have to be dropped to ensure there are no complications as a result or hindrances in the grafting process.

Some of the preparations may be to stop habits as smoking for some periods prior to the operation proper.

Some drugs like aspirin would have to be avoided before the operation. You will be advised to take in much fluid to be well hydrated before the surgery process. Water is recommended.

In the process described above, the use of anesthetics may be found useful to relief undue pains in the transfer process.

The recovery process is also key to having a good draft process. In your first week after the surgery, swelling and bruise from the surgery will be visible. The bruises may go in the second week leaving the swelling to gradually heal. At this time, you may have to be indoors for the time for the mean time. You get much better after the third week upwards.


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