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Click Studios is an on-premise password manager trusted by over 65,000 sys admins globally.

28, November 2016: Click Studios is an on-premise password manager trusted by over 65,000 sys admins globally. They have recently strengthened their privileged account password management. This is a flexible password reset engine that allows you to create your own reset scripts if required, for use with different systems and devices.

Along with this, there’s a new queuing system for performing resets, and a simplified configuration process for enabling password resets.

More About Click Studios

Click Studios is used by system and security admins across the globe to help securely store sensitive passwords. Using different passwords for different applications is crucial from a security point of view, but of course, this makes them harder to keep track of. It isn’t unusual to forget passwords and get them mixed up. You can download Click Studios password manager today, and it’s completely free for up to 5 users. They work with many different industries, including:

* Insurance
* Banking and finance
* Legal
* Mining
* Retail
* Oil and gas
* Automotive
* Government departments
* And more.

Benefits Of Working With Click Studios

Passwordstate is a dynamic approach to keeping track of your passwords and sharing them with teams of people. Role based administration and end to end auditing means you get a secure storage and collaboration platform. You can securely store, share, and reset passwords just about anywhere you can think of. This system can also offer the following benefits:

* Discover accounts and resources on your network
* Extensible password reset server architecture
* API for integrating into your own scripting environment
* Mobile clients
* Browser extensions
* Remote sessions
* Two-factor authentication options
* And many more.

The solutions that Click Studios offer are used globally across a number of different industries, within businesses of all sizes. You know you can trust them to store all of your corporate passwords, as well as comply with compliance acts required of your business. This gives you better peace of mind and security for your business or organisation. If you’d like more information, the website offers a wealth of information on their services and features. You can find many helpful pages on their ‘support’ tab, along with on their blog and in their training videos. Alternatively, you can use the contact details as outlined below.

For Media Contact:
Mark Stanford
Level 3, 97 Pirie St,
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Telephone: 61 88120 0630
Email: sales@clickstudios.com.au
Website: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/


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