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Italy is a wonderful European country that keeps attracting millions of people every year either as tourists, on business purpose or short stay in Italy.

Italy is a wonderful European country that keeps attracting millions of people every year either as tourists, on business purpose or short stay in Italy. However, to visit the country one need to apply for visa to Italy and fulfill the requirements. As Italy is one of the Schengen countries you can actually apply for the Italy Schengen visa so that you can land in Italy or stay most of the time in Italy and also freely move across all the other 26 countries without the necessity of any other document verifications and can cross the boundaries just like interstates. The Italy Schengen visa application can be downloaded online and need to be filled by taking a print out of it and submit to the Italy embassy. Along with the application form the other Italy visa requirements comprise of submitting a passport which is valid at least 3 months past the return date and also two blank pages available, two passport size photos with clear image, personal covering letter from the applicant, medical insurance for a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros, financial proof, original bank statements for the last three months and also a confirmed flight itinerary or flight reservation along with accommodation details should be submitted to the visa process.
If you are not clear on the Italy visa requirements, you can always seek the assistance of reliable travel consultants who help you with the visa process for you to enjoy your vacation or short stay in the Schengen countries without any problems. In fact, they can also arrange you the flight reservations and hotel bookings for the visa process without the necessity of paying any charges. This is because if your visa is rejected still you don’t incur any loss and if the visa is processed they shall confirm the tickets and accommodation which has been kept in the hold for a week's time. As you have all the necessary documents in hand the travel consultants than shall prepare you for the visa interview with the commonly asked questions to smoothly complete the visa process. With the travel consultant support you need not worry a thing about the visa process as they shall take care of helping you with all the Italy visa requirements and prepare for the interview to successfully have the visa processed and land in Italy to enjoy your holidays or attend business meetings.


If you are applying for Italy visa documents, then you are at the perfect place. Travelvisabookings is now providing the Schengen visa, which allows you to travel all the Schengen countries. For more details about how to get a visa for Italya, please visit our website.


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If you are applying for <a href="https://travelvisabookings.com/italy-schengen-visa-in-7-days/">italy visa</a>, then you are at the perfect place. Travelvisabookings is now providing the Schengen visa, which allows you to travel all the Schengen countries. For more details about <a href="https://travelvisabookings.com/italy-schengen-visa-in-7-days/">italy schengen visa</a>, please visit our website.
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