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Beard is one of the most important part behind a man's dashing look. It is a sign of adulthood and also the reason behind man's persona.

Beard is one of the most important part behind a man's dashing look. It is a sign of adulthood and also the reason behind man's persona. Sometimes men have patchy beard which look very unattractive. Men with patchy beard don't gain confidence as they grow in the society because they look unappealing. They may seek many solutions to solve this problem. Beard hair transplantation is best solution for the patchy beard problem. If you have patchy or ugly looking hair on your beard, this is the solution for your problem.

A large number of men around the world are opting for this transplantation surgery. This surgery may be your only option if you have tried all other options. However the success of this procedure depends highly on the skills of your doctor or surgeon. The procedure of beard hair transplantation is becoming very popular amongst 20's and 30's men. This procedure provide an attractive look for men and enhances versatility.

Things to know before Transplant

The beard transplantation procedure is similar to hair transplantation. This procedure also involves the use of donor hair which are planted on your facial area. Mostly the surgeon check the area to extract donor hair which matches with your facial area. The most important thing to keep in mind is your budget, because this procedure can be quite expensive. Though for some people this price is nothing for their satisfaction. The transplanted hair fall out later and will grow every month. Generally you require 2-5 hours for a perfect transplantation. The time taken also depends upon the area covered for beard transplantation. You can also use the same procedure to get dashing moustaches. The procedure for beard transplantation is practically painless. Another important thing about beard transplantation is it's permanent result. Thus you do not need to worry about losing your beard again.

Process of Transplantation

For your beard transplantation, the surgeon first locate the area to choose donor hair. Most of the times, it is from back or side of your head. Sometimes the patient is completely bald, for such cases hair from chest or other parts of the body can be taken. After identifying the donor area, hair extraction is done. The extracted hairs are implanted after applying anesthetic to the desired area. You should not worry about the pain during the procedure, though you can start imagining your look when the transplantation procedure will complete. There are certain important things you should keep in mind after the surgery. One of them is to shave after at least 10 days of procedure. So ask your surgeon about all post surgery aspect that must be followed.

Results Of Transplantation

The  results of your beard hair transplantation will be magnificent. The hair growth will be permanent and natural. You will notice the difference on your face immediately after the transplantation. The beard will start growing after few days and will continue to grow with the rest of your hair. You will see the full effect after a period of month. Thus with this hair transplantation, you will look attractive and can stand in the society with full confidence.

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The Fue Hair Transplant Cost fall out later and will grow every month. Generally you require 2-5 hours for a perfect transplantation. The time taken also depends upon the area covered for Beard Transplantation.


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