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KEE Group USA offers a comprehensive range of membrane switches manufacturers, that are one-piece & one operation assembly.

Nowadays, the manufacturers tend to integrate capacitive touch switches in every equipment they produce. These switches not only look modern but also have great functions. Below are some uses of the capacitive touch switches. The membrane keyboards have a simpler construction. The buttons are connected with membrane leaving no space between button and inner circuit. In comparison to mechanical keypads the capacitive touch switches are very useful. One of the best qualities of the capacitive touch switch is their waterproof ability. If by some chance the water or some other liquid spills over the keypads the waterproof ability makes it sure that nothing has passed the upper layer of the keypad. Given their silence, the switches are the shelter in corporate division. Aside from being delicate on fingers, capacitive keypads are broadly utilized on account of their peaceful operation moreover.


Vending Machines


The vending machines are very useful machines; they are placed in public places for people so that they can buy things easily. These machines use the capacitive touch switches for operation. These switches are easier to use and press. They have gentle push mechanism which starts the whole process.


ATM Machines


ATM machines are one of the machines that are used widely in the world. These machines need to be equipped with right kind of buttons and switches that can help the users to operate it easily. For such purpose the capacitive touch switches are installed in these machines. These switches are easier to press and use.


Smart phones and Tablets


The smart phones and tablets are utilizing the capacitive touch technology. The capacitive touch tech helps in easy integration of multiple functions. As the switches have multiple type of interfaces these are very useful for smart phones and tablets. Touchscreen feature makes them a standout amongst all other type of traditional switches accessible in the markets.


Exercising Equipment


The exercising equipment is built-up using the capacitive touch switches. They are very delicate in touch and noiseless. There are no mechanical components of the capacitive touch switches, which makes them easier to integrate inside the exercising machines.  


Digital Cameras


Many digital cameras have similar switch technology that is using in manufacturing the smart phones and tablets. They are incorporated in digital cameras because they have a reduced board space requirement. More buttons can accommodate on a smaller board.


Automotive Industry


The automotive industry massively utilize the capacitive touch switches. These switches are not only convenient to use but also are very simpler in construction. If by any chance the switches become faulty they can be repaired easily y the engineers. Moreover, the industry owners opt for capacitive touch switches because they are cost-effective and better in quality. IN comparison to other traditional switches they can last longer and have easier usage. The plastic switches or rubber buttons have some tendency to malfunction over time but the capacitive touch switches work well over longer periods of time.


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