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One such Innovation in Cloud Technology is Vmware Cloud Services
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The cloud is one of the new technologies that are fast dominating the IT world. A lot of people now use the cloud for many of their hosting and storage.

The cloud is one of the new technologies that are fast dominating the IT world. A lot of people now use the cloud for many of their hosting and storage. The cloud though appears confusing to many at times, but it is not that difficult to understand. It is simply having your data stored in multiple clusters of servers instead of having them on one server like the traditional data processing servers. These clusters of computers are what are referred to as the cloud.


The Vmware infrastructure allows you run both your legacy (old or present) and new applications in the cloud. It introduces virtualization into the cloud services.


 The cloud operates taking into cognizance the core factors of availability, security, and performance which most and prospective users are keen about. Basically, the cloud is designed to use different services and infrastructure. It equally exists in different types that you or an enterprise can benefit from.


Private, public and hybrid cloud


A cloud is said to be public cloud if it is accessed by multiple users. If you have your data in a public cloud, you are simply sharing the resource with others in the cloud.


A private cloud, on the other hand, is a dedicated cloud to an enterprise. The combination of the capabilities of both the public and the private gives the hybrid cloud.


The private cloud is a more secure infrastructure since access is restricted to an organization. However, hybrid tends to give you a measure of that in its design. These all use the Vmware cloud services for their efficiency.


Contemporary use of the cloud for storage


Many have always used the cloud without knowing they are using one of the latest in technology. If you have used or heard of the Google drive or dropbox before, that is a cloud infrastructure. They make use of a service type called infrastructure as a service (Iaas). This service serves the function of your hard drive and it's much safer unlike in your hard drive which can be corrupted.


SaaS and PaaS


Another of the services is software as a service (SaaS) cloud facility. With this, your application software is hosted in the cloud and you can work anywhere on your data using this cloud facility. Some typical examples are the Google Docs, spreadsheet, and the Microsoft officeLive applications that are readily available for you to access and edit any of your documents without having to have the exact physical computer on which you have the information stored.


Also most notable among the services is the platform as a service (PaaS) that gives you the privilege of using an operating system in the cloud other than the one in your computer.


This three basic services of the cloud technology have made web applications much easier. They give more abilities such being able to collaborate on a file. You can all edit a file, share and update right there in the cloud.


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