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Let this article help you to enrol in the best university in UAE, read on to learn more.

The UAE in recent years has become popular as a tourist destination with its beautiful beaches, the best of shopping with brands from across the world and its roots deep in an ancient Arab culture that is still evident in the traditions and old world souks. People come to the emirates from across the world and the many multinational companies have employees from all nations. Considering the requirements of the many people who live and work here the authorities in the UAE have ensured that every convenience is available in the city.

From the best infrastructure and housing to the best colleges and top universities in UAE there is everything in place to ensure comfort for the people who live and work here. Education is an important feature in the UAE and every care has been taken to address this with some of the top universities in the UAE. Eerier one would have to look for options outside the UAE for higher education but not anymore with the options to choose the best university in UAE easily available to all. There are students from other nations across the world who come to the UAE for higher education; such is the reputation of the education system.

With dedicated authorities to ensure quality education one can find well known colleges and top universities in the UAE with accreditation to the best universities in the world. Campus placements also ensure great professional careers and for those looking to continue with higher education there are options in Dubai or moving to another university abroad is also easier. The QS world university ranking rates as the best many of the top universities in UAE.  Among the best university in UAE is Bits Pilani,  already a well established name in Indian and the Asian region the college offers students a variety of courses at the under graduate level, for masters and as well as Doctorate degrees and as well as Humanities and Social Sciences. For various degrees in sciences to finance and engineering Bits Pilani today is easily ranked among the top universities in UAE.

The college authorities lay a strong emphasis on excellent qualified staff and the best facilities in the labs for all fields. The college campus is large and extracurricular activities like various sports, cultural events, clubs and associations help in an all round development of the student. Students are encouraged to excel in activities outside the class rooms as well. A great example of this is the Airel Robotics Competition which the students of Bits Pilani won at the International Robotics completion in the USA. Transportation, housing, financial assistance, medical care, cafeteria are just some of the facilities available to the students of Bits Pilani. With the reach of the internet one can find out more on the top universities in UAE without having to make a trip to the UAE. Bits Plain too has knowledgeable staff available for queries and information on their chat lines 24*7. Find out more about the courses available at this best university in UAE and the criteria for each from the online site www.Bits Pilani.ac.in/dubai


Mahesh Shiraskar is determined to keep finding the top universities in UAE and writing about them. 


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