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SQLstream is a leading provider of streaming analytics technology. The Californian company recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of its partnership with Google Cloud.

San Francisco, United States; 03, November 2016: SQLstream is a leading provider of streaming analytics technology. The Californian company recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of its partnership with Google Cloud. It has also announced that it is now powering Amazon Kinesis Analytics.

Introducing SQLstream Blaze

Blaze is the industry-leading streaming analytics platform offered by SQLstream. It provides an array of powerful visual development tools and services for data analysts. Software developers too can also use it to move from concept to streaming apps in minutes.

In a nutshell, Blaze gets offered as a distributed platform based on open standards. It boasts flexible development and deployment of scalable stream processing. Plus, it enables data architects access to reusable analytic operations and applications. The beauty of Blaze is that it does not demand tuning or low-level coding.

SQLstream Blaze allows companies to develop real-time apps that are smarter and faster. Best of all, it enables such functionality at a lower cost to traditional alternatives.

Seamless integration with Google BigQuery

SQLstream has been in partnership with Google Cloud for over four years. The Blaze streaming analytics platform offers unlimited potential for data architects using Google BigQuery. The fully managed, petabyte-scale enterprise data warehouse allows people to store and query massive data sets.

The Blaze connector for Google BigQuery is a real solution for firms moving to a hybrid cloud. It provides companies with the ability to process and migrate big data from various sources. What's more, it has the power to do so at a rate of millions of records per second.

SQLstream Blaze provides Google BigQuery users with a refreshing alternative to conventional ETL solutions. The Blaze connector isn't just something that maps data between different systems. It boasts real-time ingestion of streaming data and integration with historical datasets. The result? A continuous flow of live data with millisecond precision.

SQLstream Blaze: now powering Amazon Kinesis Analytics

Many companies are advocates of the powerful yet low-cost data solutions offered by Amazon. The tech and e-commerce giant has licensed technology from SQLstream for its Kinesis Analytics.

Amazon Kinesis Analytics offers users an easy way to process real-time streaming data. Using standard SQL, data architects don't need to learn new programming languages or frameworks.

Powered by SQLstream Blaze, Kinesis Analytics works hand in hand with Amazon's cloud infrastructure. It provides users with a low-cost way to effectively manage many data streams at high speed. Amazon Kinesis Analytics can get set up by users in just minutes through the AWS Console.

About SQLstream:

SQLstream gives people the power to develop real-time apps from raw data in minutes. The San Francisco, California-based company offers an industry-leading streaming analytics platform: Blaze.

Blaze is a real solution that allows enterprises to respond to changing marketing conditions. It also empowers them to seamlessly integrate their data with ease.

For Media Contact:
Marisa Shumway
Director of Marketing
1540 Market Street, Suite 400-425
San Francisco, CA, 94102, United States
Tel: +1 (877) 571-5775
Email: marketing@sqlstream.com
Website: http://sqlstream.com


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