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Approved building inspection are Australia’s most trusted building inspectors. With this company, you can get a better understanding of your home, business or office.


25, October 2016:

About Approved Building Inspection

Approved building inspection are Australia’s most trusted building inspectors. With this company, you can get a better understanding of your home, business or office. They have years of experience having been established since the early 90s. Whether you’re looking to protect yourself before handing over a property or want to make sure you’re buying the right property for your needs, they can help.

Services Approved Building Inspection Offer

Approved building inspection offer many different services:

* Pre handover inspections - help to protect yourself pre handover.
* Combine building and pests - get to know the entire property better.
* Pets and termite inspections - get rid of uninvited guests.
* Pre sales inspection - always get the best price for your home.
* Pre purchase inspections - get peace of mind.
* Pre auction inspections - save time pre-auction.
* Asbestos inspection for homes built over 25 years ago.

With approved building inspection, the interior, exterior, and outside of the property are thoroughly checked over. This gives you peace of mind, protects you, and can save you time/money. These services aren’t just for people buying a new home. Business owners and landlords can use the services to ensure the health of their properties too. Be smart about your purchases and take care of your property.

Where Do Approved Building Inspection Operate?

Operating across Australia, you can work with Approved Building Inspection whether you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or Adelaide.

Benefits Of Working With Approved Building Inspection

The benefits of working with Approved Building Inspection include:
* More than a quarter century of experience.
* Unlimited category building license.
* Avoid spending thousands on renovations with a small initial investment.
* Learn more about your property.
* Protect yourself.
* Get helpful recommendations and advice.

How To Contact Approved Building Inspection

Approved Building Inspection is a nationwide business. Get in touch with them whatever your needs may be. Whether you’re making a new purchase or want to know more about your property, they can help with their wealth of knowledge. You can easily get in touch with them via the form on their website or you can use the contact information below to get a free quote. To get more information, sign up to their newsletter and check out their blog for news and updates.

For Media Contact:
538 Main Street,
Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia
Telephone: 490133974
Alternative Telephone: 1300 701 213
Email: info@approvedbuildinginspection.com.au
Website: http://approvedbuildinginspection.com.au/


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