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We always want what’s best for our kids. As parents, we take them to some of the best education franchises and make sure that they get the best education. The one thing that has mostly been ignored by a majority of parents is programming.

We always want what’s best for our kids. As parents, we take them to some of the best education franchises and make sure that they get the best education. The one thing that has mostly been ignored by a majority of parents is programming. It’s understandable as many parents don’t know much about the field. Even the country itself hasn’t placed much emphasis in the field. What you need to know is that your child stands to gain a lot from engaging in programming. Here’s why you should let your child learn programming.


Why You Should Teach Your Kids Programming


Your kids stand to gain a lot at a very young age if you decide/encourage them to learn programming. The field of programming gives your child a unique way of thinking. Programming has no particular ABC, it mostly involves solving problems and analysing the different code. Engaging in such a field gives your child the opportunity to learn more problem solving skills as well as analytical skills. As you know, this is a good skill set to have as it will help them in their studies as well as in life.


Fun fact, it has been projected that there is a shortage of programmers in the labour market. This projection has also shown that the shortage of labour is expected to grow in the next few years. Encouraging your kid to go through a programming course will help in some way keep your child secure financially in the future. The profession in itself pays really well and due to the shortage, your child can be sure of a job after college.


Another thing that would be great to point out is the challenge and fulfilment of the profession. As a programmer, your child will be involved with a team trying to solve challenges and make solutions to different problems. Which might help feel good about their job and themselves in the future. On top of that, the lack of labour has pushed companies to treat programmers, kind of like superstars.


You could simply check the work environment in places like Google and Twitter for a quick example. Overall, programming is a great skill for your kid to have especially in the future as we move to a world that is technology based.


Choose the Best Education Franchise


It’s always important that you choose what’s best for your child. Always go for the best education franchise to ensure that they get the important building blocks for the future. You could start off by checking for summer camps as you’d be surprised by how many are available.


The best education franchise will ensure that they have the right course progression/syllabus. This ensures that your child will get actual skills that will serve well as building blocks for the future.


Extra Service When Needed


Programming is a great option for your kid and the best part is they can do it part time with school. There are some institutions that will offer extra service after the summer camps are complete. You might be doing a whole lot of good by allowing your child to take some programming classes.


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