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If you are looking for outdoor wedding venues in Lebanon, consider Hightower Castle – an idyllic place not only for weddings, but also various social or business events.

There may be a lot of beautiful indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Lebanon, but none of them can compare to the luxury, style, elegance and romantic atmosphere of the Hightower Castle, its green grounds, well-tended flowering gardens and its dazzling water fountain.

Located high up on a mountain ridge near the picturesque village of Baysour, in the Aley region, the Hightower Castle offers stunning, panoramic views of the Lebanese countryside and as far down as the Mediterranean coast, the International Airport and the city of Beirut. On a clear day, you can even see as far as the island of Cyprus from the top of one of the Castle’s turrets.

Driving up the winding road to the Hightower Castle gives visitors a preview of what to expect when they reach the top of the ridge. Today, the Castle and its grounds are at their best as they have been extensively renovated so that they can be rented for memorable weddings in Lebanon as well as various social and corporate events.

From a Private Residence to a Glorious Castle

Despite its medieval external looks the Hightower Castle is not that old. It was designed and built in 1962 by a well known Lebanese engineer, Hussein Kaedbey, who could foresee the imminent war and the difficult years that lay ahead for the people of his country and wanted a secure residence for him and his family. The location of the place on top of the hill, together with its thick fortified walls seemed ideal for preventing invasions. Even today, visitors to the Castle can see its high watchtower near its gates and a secret underground tunnel which could be used for an emergency escape.

When Keadbey died in 1975, the Castle was bought by Kamal and Ghada Aridi. However, the civil war which started on the same year and ended in 1990 left the Castle severely damaged. Several parts of the building itself as well as its fortified walls were in need of extensive repair, but the new owner of the Castle Kamal Aridi didn’t want to just have it repaired. He wanted to make it look like a real castle and that’s why he had four turrets added on each of its four corners. Several years of careful renovation gave Hightower Castle its present medieval appearance.

Today the interior of the castle is still being renovated and its rooms are expected to be ready to accept guests by 2018. However, there is a small interior hall which has been tastefully decorated and is used for photo shoots during weddings or other social events. On the whole, after its renovation the Hightower Castle has become one of the most sought-after Lebanon wedding venues.

Weddings and Events to Remember

Except for its panoramic views and the natural beauty of the Baysour countryside, the Hightower Castle has a lot to offer to guarantee the success of your event.

  • Its ceremony area is so large that it can easily accommodate in style up to 1000 guests
  • The reception area will amaze your guests. It is called the “Lion’s Court” and it is decorated by several regal lion statues that remind you of old Renaissance Castles
  • There is a large parking space for 500 cars and all guests are offered complimentary valet service
  • Fairy tale gardens where your guests will have the chance to admire the colourfulflower beds and the tall green trees that line the pathways and the seating areas
  • A majestic water fountain just in front of the entrance to the Castle and a beautiful gazebo – ideal settings for wedding photos
  • Friendly staff and excellent service for all kinds of events
  • Pleasant lighting all over the gardens in the evening hours
  • Outdoor separate bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen

Reserve Your Dates

Bookings can now be made for the summer of 2016. You can reserve your dates for your wedding, your birthday or anniversary party as well as your school or university reunion. Companies can also reserve dates for the launching of a new product, a client entertainment reception, a conference and many more. You can also arrange a visit to this events venue in Lebanon by sending an email to Mrs. Maya Taylor at: maya@hightowrcastle.com. She will be delighted to help you book your dates, talk about menus, decorations, prices and many other details for a memorable event.

For more information please visit here: http://hightowercastle.com/


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If you are looking for outdoor wedding venues in Lebanon, consider Hightower Castle – an idyllic place not only for weddings, but also various social or business events. Its stunning views, enchanting environment and luxury amenities guarantee a memorable event. You can now reserve your dates for the summer of 2016 by emailing Mrs. Maya Taylor at: maya@hightowrcastle.com.
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