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Now you can get easily connected with your beloved ones and other known contacts in a couple of minutes. If you are a Skype user and want to add contacts on your Skype account

Now you can get easily connected with your beloved ones and other known contacts in a couple of minutes. If you are a Skype user and want to add contacts on your Skype account then there is no need to worry, as you can add a contact to Skype in a quick and trouble-free process. For adding a new contact on your Skype you must know at least one of the basic information of the person like username, email address or phone number. By this basic detail, you can easily add a person to your contact list.

In this piece of write-up, you will get complete information about how to add contacts on your Skype. Simply follow this step-by- step guide to find out how to add contacts to your Skype account.

First method:


  •        At the initial stage, you need to go to Contacts.
  •        And choose the add contact icon or you can click directly in the search text box and type the name, Skype a name or email of the individual you want to add.
  •        Then hit Search Skype.
  •        Now choose your friend from the search results and then hit Add to Contacts.
  •        Finally, type a note to introduce yourself and then hit Send.

 This manner a person will be added to your contact list, but will show offline until he or she accepts your request.

Second method

To add a contact on Skype:

  •        First, click on ‘Contacts’.
  •        Then choose ‘New Contact’.
  •        You need to type the Skype username or contact name.
  •        Hit on ‘Find’ button.
  •        Now, on the find list choose the correct contact you want to add.
  •        Finally, hit on ‘Add Contact’.

 If you are confronting any difficulty in adding contacts in your Skype account, then you can simply dial a toll-free Skype customer support phone number and get instant help from expert technicians over a single call. The professional experts over the call give you step to steps solutions to fix the issue instantly.


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