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In Asian handicap, you choose the team with more positive benefits which help you stay in the positive zone.

In Asian handicap, you choose the team with more positive benefits which help you stay in the positive zone. Because the positive handicap betting there is the possibility of returning your half of the stake amount. In Asian handicapping, there are 18 types of handicapping. It is the best football betting for beginners to professional punters which help in earning the money easily. It will also help to earn the money consistently and speedily compared to the fixed odds.
Asian handicapping are the most exciting and profitable bets than the traditional bets. Where the outcome from each betting is more and even when compared to the traditional football betting. In Asian handicapping the tie of the match is also possible where the winning and losing the bet will be given the equal priority.
Asian handicapping will expose the market to punters and make it attractive to the punters to invest most of the amount in the football betting. Asian handicap betting is also flexible for the punters, in this, they can win no of stakes depending upon the handicaps system they have selected.
Example: Handicap 0 to Handicap +2.00 are the best handicaps to be selected and the amount will also refund even if the match is a draw.
Here we are providing some important tips to bet on Asian handicapping.
Team level:

1. Home or away analysis to be done for every match regarding the fixed odds or Asian handicapping.

2. Defensive playing strategies of the players which including goalkeeper also.

3. League table data understanding is also an important part of the analysis.

4. The Recent history of the players should be keep tracked from the last 5 to 10 matches.

5. On a team level, you should also check with the manager and team owners who help the team by motivating them and supporting them on their wins and loss.

6. You should also have knowledge on the stadium they are playing the game currently. How many matches they have won or lost on the ground.
Player level:
1. Performances from the last 10  match and their playing style on every match are also the important factor for winning strategy. Their involvement in the international games.

2. Players injuries in their practices and matches also play an important role in winning the match. Even key players health issue will turn out the results of the match.

3. Even it is better to have an idea on the players personal life their relationships with their partners which show the impact on the players playing style.

4. You should also know the other internal affairs in the match with the team members. Here winning the match or bet includes entire team work.
Other factors that are included for judging the match results are Climatic conditions. These climatic conditions also should be favourable to you for winning the football betting not only the Asian handicap.


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Football betting nowadays is most common betting game found in recent surveys. In this betting, the probability of losing the bet is really low when compared to other betting games like poker and gambling for easy money.

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