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The abortion pill can be said to be one of the most common methods of terminating pregnancies. This can be attributed to the fact that it is easy to use and has generally high chances of success.

The abortion pill can be said to be one of the most common methods of terminating pregnancies. This can be attributed to the fact that it is easy to use and has generally high chances of success. It’s also available in many countries.

There are two types of abortion pills. The first one is made using antiprogestational steroids and the second one is made using analogues to prostaglandin. Basically, these pills terminate the pregnancy by blocking progesterone, which causes the breakdown of the lining of the uterus. Without this, the pregnancy can’t continue.

The most common and successfully used abortion pill is Mifepristone which is an antiprogestational steroid. These pills are many in the international market sold under different names and manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies.

The good thing about using these abortion pills for termination of pregnancies is that they have numerous advantages over other methods of termination of pregnancies. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that come with these pills.

The first one is that they come with a minimum number of contraindications, hence they are generally safe and effective for use. They also do not cause any infections in the urogenital system hence the mother has one less thing to worry about.

Another advantage of using these abortion pills is the fact that they do not in any way affect the cervical canal, endometrium, myometrium or uterine vessels. This is usually a challenge in most surgical methods owing to the insertion of instruments through the vaginal canal to the uterus.

There is no need for anesthesia when using abortion pills since the process is gradual and almost painless. When used in the early stages of pregnancy, the process is very effective and fast.

The only challenge that can be associated with this method is the fact that it’s only effective for termination of pregnancies up to 9 weeks from the first day of the last period. Termination of pregnancies beyond this point will require more complicated surgical procedures.

There is also the issue of the pills being expensive, but the price becomes fair when compared with the other alternatives (surgical methods). Other side effects that come with this method include the feeling of dizziness, nausea and strong cramps. There may also be some temporary abdominal pains during the process.

These side effects are typical and most caregivers will have solutions that can help alleviate the pain. Talk to your doctor to see if there is something that can be done at your specific stage of the abortion. However, the good news is that the process can take only a day.

When using pills to terminate an abortion, follow up is very important. Make sure you got to a good abortion clinic and talk to your abortion doctor before the process begins. Ask all the questions that you might have before starting the procedure to ensure that you know what to expect. Finally, make sure to follow up whenever you see anything odd during any phase of the abortion.


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