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In this modern era when there are a lot of problems that human being is facing, the most horrible and frightening one is undoubtedly the energy crisis.However, people have come up with a lot of remedies for tackling this problem.

In this modern era when there are a lot of problems that human being is facing, the most horrible and frightening one is undoubtedly the energy crisis.However, people have come up with a lot of remedies for tackling this problem. And one of the most preferred and effective remedies of this problem is using solar energy. Many people are now setting up solar panels in their homes and industries to make use of the solar power. There are many advantages of setting up residential solar panels and some of them are:

•    The energy produced from sunlight is free of cost. The only cost occurs to set up the related equipment, like the solar panels and batteries. Also this setup can be installed even at the remotest areas of the globe. Since the sun is universal and sunlight is completely free everywhere, purchasing a residential solar installation can never be a wrong decision.

•    The energy produced from sunlight is also very clean in nature and good for the environment. There are different methods of producing energy; for example, nuclear reactors, thermal power stations, etc. But the problem with these is that they produce many harmful by-products. But in the case of solar energy, there is no harmful by-products produced.

•    Also, the government nowadays is providing a lot of incentives for setting up these solar panels at homes. A lot of advantages are available to those who would set up these systems on their rooftops, like reduction in taxes, discounts on the cost of installation and even some grants.

•    People can become more independent using solar energy. Now most people are dependent on companies for fulfilling their energy needs. But if a person installs residential solar panels at his home and begins to use solar energy, he would become completely independent.

Although there are many advantages of using solar panels, there are also some disadvantages which are:

•    There is great dependency on the weather. In many countries, the sun may not shine brightly throughout the day. There are many days that are completely darkin some places. In such situations, the solar panels may become totally useless. Also, these systems are inefficient in producing electricity in cloudy days.

•    The initial cost is very high. This is the main reason that prevents many people from setting up these solar panels. The materials and the equipment used are very costly. There are also a lot of requirements, like the person may have to remodel the house so as to be able to set up the equipment.

•    The maintenance works need a lot of money. Also, the process of maintenance is something that requires a lot of skill.Finding out those who are skilled to carry out the maintenance works is very difficult.

Deciding whether solar panels are effective or not is a tricky task. Considering the disadvantages and advantages that are mentioned above, one might be able to arrive at a decision regarding this.

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