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Medella Wellness is the best natural therapies and family health clinic in Toowoomba. We believe that good health involves achieving a state of complete physical and mental wellbeing.

As the saying goes,” nature is the best healer” it actually is true. Our body has the ability to heal itself but when a serious disease hits our body it can’t heal that faster. At this specific, it needs some extra help to fight the disease and if we can get the help to our body it can prevent the disease and end it. But modern allopathy doesn’t work that way, it believes in killing the disease with outside force. But even if the way gets you better faster, in the process your body also gets damaged more than we really know. But with natural therapies, we can prevent that. Various natural therapies or naturopathy provides our body the additional help that we were talking about earlier. As Medella Wellness you can find naturopathy if you are interested in a gentler way of treatment.

Knowing Naturopathy

As mentioned earlier, the naturopathy is all about letting the body heal itself with a little help from outside when needed. In this process, it is believed that the body can heal itself just like nature but it needs the support of the mind and emotions too. But not always the body is able to heal itself and in those specific cases various naturopathic medicine is used. These are all herbal medicine that doesn’t harm your body in any way. The nutrition and dietary also plays a big part in it as it helps in prevention and detoxification of the disease a lot. In the naturopathy therapy, not only our body but also our mind and soul are treated too.Homeopathy is a part of naturopathy which is discussed below.

Knowing Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an old system of treatment which is still effective in this modern era. In homeopathy, it is also believed that the body is ahealer of itself but lets it do its work. But here some medicines are used so the patient can heal a bit faster. Although, the healing process is not as fast an allopathy but it is certainly more effective. But if you want side effect less treatment process where your body doesn’t get damaged because of the medicine. Then you can trust homeopathy fully to get you well but it won’t be as soon as allopathy. At Medella Wellness various critical problems are cured with homeopathy as allopathy is not effective or less effective in various cases.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is also another way to heal that doesn’t include medicine. But you can’t treat every disease with massage therapy. There are certain problems like back pain, neck pain and various other musculoskeletalproblems that show remedy with this treatment. But you certainly can’t hope to do so with chronical diseases. In this stressful life, we all need a little massage therapy once in a while. It helps you relax and removes all the stress that you have in your body. Through this treatment muscle pain, joint pain, sporting and work injuries are very easily treated.


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We will take your diet into consideration when assessing your health concerns, nutritional medicine and will provide dietary advice and recommend supplements where appropriate. Click Here for more info and other details about services.


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