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Auto glass damage is a common problem that all car owners have encountered. When the windscreen of your car develops a relatively large crack that is irreparable you have no choice but selecting a new one.

Summary: A broken windshield can happen in an instant, becoming a serious safety issue. Fortunately, top quality companies for manufacture auto glass in St Louis could provide you any type of auto glass OEM or OEE according to your budget and get you back on the road quickly.



Auto glass damage is a common problem that all car owners have encountered. When the windscreen of your car develops a relatively large crack that is irreparable you have no choice but selecting a new one. You can either go for OEM auto glass or OEE auto glass, but the selection is not as simple as it seems, you need to know the difference between them, and figure out which one suit you best.

A complete guideline on OEM Auto Glass:

You may have heard the term OEM glass before, but don’t know exactly what this denomination actually signifies. The full form of OEM auto glass is Original Equipment Manufactured. OEM glass is essentially identical to the glass you would receive from your dealer, but the exception is that it might not come from the same distributor. A dealership is authorized by the manufacturer and can provide glass made especially for it.

OEM auto glasses are bit expensive, but in St Louis, you can get top class auto glass for your vehicle at the most affordable price. These windshields are manufactured keeping in mind to the exact specifications of each vehicle. It means that you are getting the official dealer glass at a fraction of the dealer cost. The vehicle maker and glass manufacturer create a unique mold and adopt a unique firing/molding process to make the OEM auto glass in St. Louis.

OEM windshields come with the following specialties:

  1.     Durability
  2.     Shape
  3.     Thickness
  4.     Size
  5.     Color

A complete guideline on OEE Auto Glass:

The OEE auto glass stands for Original Equipment Equivalent, in the auto glass industry, it is considered to be an off brand. OEE aftermarket parts are slightly different in size, the bend of the glass is a bit unusual, and when viewed from a side angle the glass may have high distortion level. The companies that produce it are not legally allowed to create a glass of identical color, shape, thickness, and so forth. Manufacturers will actually acquire OEM glass and reverse engineer a mold to produce their own aftermarket glass parts.

You can easily identify that OEE glasses are noticeably different from the OEM auto glass.  OEE windshields are remarkably cheaper than a standard OEM auto glass in St. Louis but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. 

Which one to select?

It is an unacceptable truth that OEM glass is far more superior to OEE auto glass. But when it comes to buying auto glass for your vehicle your budget plays a crucial role and the most important deciding factor. If money is not a factor for you, then you should go for OEM auto glass, but if the manufacturers are not willing to invest largely in your car, then windshields are the best possible option to you. Auto glasses in St. Louis are cheap but functional only for limited period of time.

It is always recommended to go for the best quality and more dependable OEM windshields and not to compromise the safety of your family just to save a few dollars.  According to the industry experts, auto glass manufactured in St Louis is considered to be the top quality and reliable. Your safety depends on your wise selection.


Author Bio: Aleena Jasus is an automobile engineer and an expert on auto glass manufacturing in St Louis. Aleena has worked as a safety consultant in many automobile companies. He loves to share his experience on safety car procedures.


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