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As one of Southern California’s top importers and distributors of vaping supplies, KMG Imports have one of the largest selections of e-liquid products of any business in the industry.

1. Never ever base your final review on your initial thoughts

Constantly use a clean atty with a new wick and new coil to acquire the most out of your flavour. Under no circumstances base your final review on your initial thoughts. Vape it as much and as often as you can inside a few distinctive devices so you can get the complete effect of what you might be tasting and to find out when the PG/VG ratio is superior or not so excellent for numerous set ups. Get more information about e liquid wholesale

2. Try to remember e-liquid has a fluid flavour character

Each and every e-liquid we’ve reviewed had a fluid flavor character. By that I mean the flavor profile alterations in line with the time of day, device to device, atomizer ohms, and/or wattage applied. So as to do a fair review you might want to vape just about every flavor at numerous times of your day and in a minimum of 3 different e-liquid delivery systems (tanks, clearomizers, even RDA’s).

It’s a great deal of function to do a fair job, but an eliquid shouldn’t score low or high, just because the reviewer did or didn’t like it ‘at that specific moment’. If a particular eliquid tends to make an incredible just after dinner vape, or a poor early morning vape, our readers deserve to know that.

We also use a group so that just after awhile our readers understand whose ’palate’ is closest to their own. Performing a fair review is serious business, not quite a few people have that degree of commitment for the job.

3. Neglect about pretentious flavour descriptions

Overlook about the pretentious flavour descriptions!

If you’ve forgotten what a juice is supposed to taste like by the time it comes about to reviewing it, that’s a fantastic factor: possess a “blind” taste and endeavor to pick out the flavours by yourself, and after that read what it is supposed to be. This may help you put a name to any unidentified flavours which can be truly present (and may well even improve your appreciation of the juice all round), but your preceding blind taste will protect you against the juice-reviewing “placebo effect” from the flowery descriptions.

4. The nose is crucial

When I review a liquid, the first thing I do is verify the bottle cautiously and make sure that all of the labeling and packaging is CLP compliant (primarily for EU sourced ones).

For me, the actual graphic design on the label is not that essential so long as the relevant info is on there, nic level, prod date or batch number, VG/PG is doable and company address.

I commonly start off out having a Mini Protank 3 with a 1.5 ohm DIY coil as this provides a great indication of how the juice will probably be for any new vaper.

I will then try it within a Kayfun or Taifun or Lemo and if I desire to test stability at power with a higher VG juice it is going to go into a dripper or Delta 2.

I take note on the mouthfeel, what flavour notes are present around the inhale, and what is present around the exhale, taking care to exhale via the nose as well as the mouth is critical! I'll also take note of any aftertaste and comment about this.

5. Use an RDA

I've 3 letters for this, RDA or Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser. If you want to become in a position to test the flavour this is a have to have. Yes, it'll mean mastering to create coils and wicking with cotton on the other hand the coil or coils you make will final a lengthy time as well as the cotton may be immediately changed in case you testing several flavours.

All you'll want to do is remove the cotton, a fast wash out with warm water, a swift dry then dry burn the coils and pop in some fresh cotton and also you are ready for the next e-liquid.

6. Vape the juice for a minimum of a week

I tend to use a fairly a bit of time for you to do every review, since in my experience a lot of juices today tend to become pretty complex so you must vape it for a although to get to understand it and notice each of the flavour notes.

Don’t get me wrong, some occasions I immediately fall in love with juices or gear and do the review quite immediately but my rule of thumb should be to vape no less than 10ml of a juice I’m reviewing or make use of the equipment for a minimum of per week. I guess my top advice will be:

Give almost everything you’re reviewing a little of time and try and use it the way you would typically do, not just in front of one's computer system. Attempt juices with some coffee, a glass of wine, a beer and right after dinner. Bring vaping gear out and about.
Take into account that people have different tastes and use patterns. If this is not a thing you like, who do you think would like it and why?
Be honest!


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