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A memory card is an important part of technology in our daily life. A memory card becomes more important especially when you have a smartphone which has low internal storage.

You have got bought a brand new camera or even a smartphone but your obtain is incomplete devoid of a memory card to ensure that you can store more images or videos. A lot of the devices include a basic Secure Digital (SD) card of storage capacity 2GB/4GB but it is quite important to invest wisely within a good card in order that you get a lot more storage space and memory. There are actually a variety of options of memory cards offered in the market place and can be categorized into various sorts in line with speed classes, size as well as other functions. Get more information about memory card


Memory cards are categorized into three sorts on the basis of their storage capacity:

SD - Standard SD cards can hold upto 2GB storage. The older models of devices may still accept SD cards.

SDHC (High Capacity SD) - SDHC cards can store between 4GB to 32GB of content material. Nowadays, SDHC cards are being used in all newest camera or phone models as all of the devices support higher storage capacities.

SDXC (Extended capacity SD) - SDXC cards are most current and they could shop information from 32GB upto 2TB. They're able to be inserted into those devices which are compatible with SDXC regular. They may be highly priced and are hardly ever used as pretty few devices help SDXC card.

Just before shopping for a card, it's really crucial to think about its size as different electronic devices use diverse size of memory cards.

SD (Safe Digital) cards are mostly accessible in 3 sizes -

Regular SD (with dimensions 32 x 24mm and weight=2 gms)

MicroSD (with dimensions 11 x 15mm and weight=0.8 gms)

MiniSD card (dimensions 21.5 x 20mm and weight=0.25 gms)
Standard SD cards are mainly used in digital cameras whereas for smartphones, you'd call for smaller sized size cards. MiniSD cards have been used in mobile phones earlier but they are rarely used nowadays. They've been replaced by even smaller-sized microSD cards. In addition to mobile phones, microSD cards are also being used in laptops or tablets.

SD cards can only be place in their matching slots. You can not insert a SD card inside a smaller card slot or vice-versa. In case of emergency, you could use an adapter which can help you to plug a smaller-sized card in a larger slot.


The speed of the card is measured by "Speed Class" and all cards come with variable speeds. Speed class is defined by card suppliers and SD association to help the customers pick the proper one. For recording a high-resolution video or pictures, you'll want to choose fast SD card if you want to save the content directly towards the card.

There are 4 forms of Speed classes as follows:

Class 2: Class 2 refers to 2MBps speed and is possibly the slowest among all. It truly is ideal suited for typical definition video recording and photos. Class 2 memory cards are not used any a lot more. A lot of the smartphones and cameras support Class 4, 6 and 10.

Class 4: Class 4 refers to 4MBps speed and is excellent for some video as well as still images.

Class 6 and 10: Class 6 and 10 refer to 6MBps and 10MBps speed respectively. Class 10 is quickest among all. Class 6 is used for HD video recording and high definition still pictures. Class 10 provides fantastic benefits whilst recording Complete HD videos at 1080p, burst shooting mode and can capture HD nevertheless photos.

Ultra Higher Speed Class (UHS-1, UHS-3): These cards are most high priced and are mostly used by pros for heavy video recording. They are designed for devices that support UHS (Ultra Higher Speed). UHS-1 memory cards have speed varying from 10MBps to 30MBps and are used for Full HD video recording. UHS-3 cards are finest used for 4K and 2K video recording and may even help speed upto 50MBps. It is always advisable to devote on a good-quality memory card of reputed and popular brands like Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung, Sony and so on.
If you're planning to acquire a memory card then refer our shopping for guide. Also, be sure that you compare the value presented by different retailers in order that you get the very best deal.


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