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VJSLogistics is the best LTL trucking company in New Jersey. We offer the most competitive LTL freight quote for freight shipping across in USA.

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LTL Freight Quote In USA - Best LTL trucking company in New Jersey


LTL freight quote in USA

LTL Trucking

ltl truckingThe shipping of relatively small freight is known as Less then Truck Load or LTL trucking.  Compared to a Full Truck Load or FTL shipping, the carriers that are considered to be LTL shipping providers are typically the ones that ship freight typically weighing between 151 and 20,000 lb. VJS Logistics is your LTL Trucking company in New Jersey.

Majority of B2B shipments are LTL shipments in the United States but still it accounts to less than 10% of the total shipping spend each year.

LTL Trucking companies handle shipments with the least amount of handling units possible. They prefer to ship 1 pallet that contains multiple boxes and wrapped to together to form one big piece.

Since, LTL freight has to be handled many times during the transit, wrapping multiple boxes into one prevents damage to the freight and also helps with cost savings.

You would be surprised to know that the per-pound LTL freight quote compared to that of a per-pound freight quote by parcel carriers is much less.

LTL trucking costs much less compared to an FTL shipping or hiring an entire truck or trailer for a shipment.

LTL freight transit times are longer than FTL freight because it is dependent upon the makeup of the network of terminals and break bulks that are operated by a given carrier and that carrier’s beyond agents and interlines partners.

How can we help you as an LTL Trucking Freight Shipping company in New Jersey?

We believe that LTL trucking has to be cost efficient, fast and time bound and that’s why we have designed our LTL trucking company in New Jersey and across the United States in a way that you can enjoy the full benefits of choosing LTL shipping in United States.

Offering you the most competitive LTL freight quote for freight shipping across United States and ensuring faster shipments of your freight at the same time.

We stick to our LTL shipment commitments and are bound by our strict freight care policies, so you can be 100% sure when choosing us as your LTL trucking company in New Jersey.


Having strong partnerships with all major LTL carriers in the United States allows us provide you the best LTL freight quote than any other LTL trucking company in New Jersey.

As a company we understand that you are looking for the best LTL freight quote and reliability at the same time and that’s why as an established LTL trucking company in New Jersey, we provide you with the best LTL freight quote across United States.

Best Trucking Company in New Jersey offering Intermodal Trucking, Air Freight and Freight Shipping Services. Simply, fill out the form or give us a Call for the best rates, Guaranteed!


visit for more information :- http://vjslogistics.us/ltl-trucking/


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11 Daryl Court Glen Rock

state :- New Jersey

postal code07452

country :- USA



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Another system that functions admirably is outsourcing your parts after you build up a decent vibe for what is offering. There is nothing amiss with bringing in seats or clear parts to enable chop down your generation to time. Present your own particular outlines and numerous shippers will work to your correct details. Completing the item yourself utilizing this strategy can in any case be named with the high quality mark. This is an effective system however you need to arrange parts in bigger amounts to influence it to work best.
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