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Casey Tuckpointing is a certified and licensed masonry company serving Chicago, Illinois. We guarantee reasonable prices, on-time delivery, and excellent final quality with follow-up services, if necessary.


In today's post we are going to speak about how you can tuckpoint a sizable creating. Tuckpointing a large structure is usually a daunting activity and need to only be attempted by people who've no worry of heights, due to the fact you may wind up in some scary locations specially along the lake where there are actually sturdy winds regularly. Get far more information about tuckpointing Highland Park

For starters lets go more than the gear you'll need, pending job size not surprisingly. You will need a good deal of scaffolding, a cherry picker form elevator system or even a large jig lift. With the 3 a Jig lift is ideal mainly because it is possible to drive it to exactly where yo require it raise up and down rapidly and no setup is required like you would need to have together with the other two systems. You are able to rent jig lifts that go up 60 ft boom that is typically what you would have to have for many 4 story buildings, any greater than which you will will need to setup an exterior elevator system that attaches to roof and is then movable in the the roof, which may be quite tricky at instances if there's a great deal of roof penetrations as well as the roof must be flat to set up off of. The third option is scaffolding but this needs a large investment in gear as well as a lot of labor to set it up and tear it down.

Lets assume your constructing is 4 stories or less so you are going to use the Jig Lift to acquire your work done, other gear you will need is actually a mixer, heavy duty grinders with 3/8 diamond wheels, grout bags, tuckpointers along with a striker or rake. be sure you be well trained in the use of your lift and wear a safety harness so you don't fall out from the basket.

Commence by grinding out the joints as deep as you could with your grinder. Right after you get a fantastic size section ground out possibly a 10 foot square region mix up your mortar and get ready to fill your joints. In case you are using a grout bag mix your batch so it really is a bit on the runny side so it flows through your grout bag very easily. For anyone who is not comfortable using a grout bag you may just use your tuckpointer and trowel. When you use this method it'll take much longer and be sure that your mortar is stiff and not runny at all. Inject or push the mortar evenly into each of the joints till they're all filled in the region that you're working, then immediately after they set up a little follow by means of along with your striker or rake depending around the look you wish. Immediately after you finish your joints follow through with a brush to eliminate any excess mortar and strike the joints one more time to finish them. But just so you know striking is much superior than raking since it seals the brick far better and offers the face of the brick a flatter finish.

Repeat this course of action more than and over till you complete the job. Be sure to grind all the joints since if not they're going to fail considerably sooner than location that you simply did grind and fill. Tuckpointing is usually a quite long time consuming course of action nevertheless it have to be done to maintain the integrity of your masonry walls. In case you are nevertheless unsure of what to complete employ a mason tuckpointing contractor to complete the function for you.


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