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Maintaining its well-known reputation of supplying pure and quality herbal extracts, TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited announces to offer Pine Pollen Powder & Tongkat Ali Extract for the health conscious population around the world.

China, December 20, 2018 – People today understand the medicinal benefit of different types of herbal extracts that TCM Adaptogen offers them. These herbal extracts can help with different types of diseases and can also help in boosting physical strength and energy levels. There are many products that help in building immunity and keeping a man away from diseases. TCM Adaptogen follows a scientific process in extracting herbal products from different parts of a variety of plants. These plants naturally grow in different parts of the world, and the company also cultivates different types of plants in their own farms.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the pine pollen is a great source of testosterone and has been extensively used in many Asian countries to naturally boost the energy and vitality. It is extracted from the pine tree, which is naturally found in the Himalayan region. The spokesperson reveals that they collect the pine from the Yunnan province of China. The region has vast pine forests spread in several thousand miles and where they can gather an ample amount of pine fruits. The cells of these fruits are cracked using the vibrating cell cracking machines and airflow separation technology is used to separate the impurities from the powder. The powder is then passed through 250 mess vibrating screens to help maintain the optimum level of purity of the product, so that humans can consume it to enjoy its best medicinal benefits.

The high quality pine pollen powder is supposed to have a strong aroma of pine trees and has a bitter taste. One can mix the powder at warm water at less than 40 degrees Celsius and should drink it before it cools down. This powder is said to have several kinds of bioactive ingredients, and it is recommended to consume 5g of it twice a day. Since ancient times, this powder is being consumed to have several types of health benefits. For example, it can have a great effect on gastropathy and can relieve in chronic constipation. It can eliminate the inner wind and can help in dizziness, numbness and swelling. The product can also be used to eliminate headaches and alcoholism. The powder is also known to be used historically to prevent traumatic bleeding besides boosting the testosterone level.

Another remarkable testosterone booster is the Tongkat ali extract that TCM Adaptogen has in its stock. This natural testosterone enhancer also has several types of bioactive ingredients and anti-oxidants that can directly benefit humans. This is also an energy enhancer and an aphrodisiac that supports mental alertness and also strengthens manly powers for better perform in bed. This herbal extract does not taste bitter and one can consume it on a regular basis to witness a gradual increase in the libido power.

One can learn more about these herbal extracts and their medicinal properties by visiting the website http://www.pinepollentablet.com/.

About TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited

TCM Adaptogen specializes in providing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbal extract powders with the highest levels of customer satisfaction at the most reasonable prices. The company’s most featured products include pine pollen powder/tablet/extract/capsules, medical mushroom extracts (reishi, chaga, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake…), herbs to raise testosterone (horny goat weed, ginseng root, tongkat ali, sting nettle and our adaptogenic herbs (rhodiola rosea, gynostemma pentaphyllum, schisandra chinensis, astragalus root, he shou wu) etc.

For Media Inquiries –

Contact Person: Charles Dong

Telephone: +8613669197791

Email: info@tcmadaptogen.com

Website: www.pinepollentablet.com


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