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Advance Ceramic manufactures the best quality range of ceramic ferrule for stud welding. We provide ceramic ferrule for stud welding according to customer need.

ceramic ferrule for stud welding


We manufacture a quality range of boron carbide nozzle & ceramic ferrule for stud welding. We offer boron carbide nozzle as per customer’s requirements.




What is Stud Welding?


Albeit numerous individuals trust that there is just a single essential welding application, there are really various applications required with welding. One of these regions is the stud welding process, where a fastener or shaped nut is welded onto another metal piece. This procedure may incorporate utilizing stud welding hardware to consequently bolster the jolts into the spot welder.


Stud welding, or curve stud welding, includes joining the stud to a level plate by utilizing the stud as an anode. The extremity that is decided for the specific stud welding application will rely upon the sort of metal that is utilized. For instance, aluminum generally requires coordinate current anode positive, or DCEP; while steel requests coordinate current terminal negative, or DCEN.


The weld nuts utilized in stud (or curve) welding for the most part have a spine with some sort of little stubs that dissolve amid the procedure with the end goal to shape the weld. The necked down, un-strung piece of the weld nuts additionally help to shape the coveted weld. Another part of this kind of welding application is the utilization of a motion, called a ferrule. A ferrule is a clay ring that focuses the created warmth, averting oxidation and holding the liquefied metal in the coveted weld zone.

One specific kind of stud welding process is called capacitor-release welding, which varies from customary stud welding in that it doesn't require transition. The procedure utilizes an immediate current circular segment from the capacitor, and welding time is between a unimportant 1 and 6 milliseconds. Since welding time is shorter in capacitor-release welding, the welder can complete the holding with little oxidation and no genuine requirement for warmth focus.


What are Weld Studs?

Stud welding frameworks utilize weld studs as a piece of this proficient application. These studs are between 14 check to 3/8" measurement, can extend from 1/4" to" at least 5 long, and are released from capacitors. The tips on the weld end of the stud have two purposes:


oTiming. The tips go about as a planning gadget that keeps the studs off of the base material that is being welded.


oDisintegration. Weld end tips break down once the trigger is pulled on the welding firearm, dissolving and hardening the weld onto the base material.


What are Arc Studs?


Curve studs are normally stacked with an aluminum motion ball on the weld end, which advances the welding procedure. These special studs are an indispensable piece of stud welding hardware, and they can go from a #8 up to a 1/4" measurement stud.


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