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IVF success rates are low anyway but we were given a 1% chance. We still had a baby and have another on the way. From only 2 cycles.

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Our little girl is the light of our lives and brings joy every day She should not be here, at least not according to the medical profession. The reason that my wife had leukemia, not once but twice, and the only treatment options available were intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant carries about certain infertility

Whether you're considering IVF or another assisted reproduction technique, we're here for you.

Through the last 5 years, we have identified steps that will take the success of your potential success dramatically.

These are not "old wives' tales" or "perfect cures" that have gone viral on social media They are steps backed by the scientific studies carried out by the medical profession that can skyrocket your chances of success.

Thankfully she went into remission and stayed that way for nearly 3 years. For the type of leukemia she had the 2 year point is critical. If patients are going to relapse It is fair to say that we thought she was cured after this point and we let our guard down.

The road to recovery The drugs given to prepare for the transplant were so damaging that my wife had looked after by the palliative care team. Fortunately, things work out as planned On her release from hospital, we then returned to weekly blood tests to see if the leukemia had returned Sitting in a waiting room full of leukemia patients awaiting the results of their blood tests was a pleasant experience and I was only an outsider. I can not start

The reason why I have described our past is to show up We realized that we had a limited number of chances to have our own children so we did our best to give ourselves the success of the embryos that we had. We spent thousands of hours We reviewed thousands of scientific studies covering every possible area imaginable We also consulted traditional medicine practitioners to help

When starting the process of IVF, it is easy to feel that there is much you can do to increase your chances of a pregnancy and there are a number of tips for IF success

First of all, if you have the time, preparation is the key Ideally, it is good to start a pregnancy at least 3 months beforehand. However, if you do not have this time available before your first round of treatment, it is better to start late than ever!

One of the best tips for IVF success is to improve your diet. Good nutrition is the key, and eating organic nutrient-dense foods is vital for healthy eggs and sperm. You should avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar, trans-fats, alcohol and caffeine and base your diet around wholefoods, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans nuts and seeds. You might also want to consult your doctor about taking a pre-natal supplement.

Relaxation is vital, with stress being an invisible defeator of the IVF process. We've all heard stories of couples desperately trying to conceive who have finally achieved a pregnancy when they stop trying and forget about it. It is strongly believed that the stress is a prohibitive factor and this is much the same for IVF, with the management of stress being one of the most popular tips for IVF success. Try to manage your stress levels as best you can. If you have a stressful job, try to take time out and think consciously about what makes you feel relaxed and practice it! If it is the procedure itself which is causing problems, try to take a couple of days away with your partner when you can. Does reading, massage or gentle exercise help? Whatever suits you best, make sure you practice it. There are even CD's available which are specifically designed for IVF patients to aid relaxation.

Bear in mind that the lifecycle for both eggs and sperm is around 90 days. This means that the steps you take now to improve are the quality and quantity of each of them. However, many things you do now between

Eating well is integral to our whole well-being and this is ever more important than when we are trying to conceive Many tips for IVF success include List of foods and supplements However, what about the foods to avoid? In fact we can sobotage our attempts to prepare our bodies well by eating a diet, which is the good of all, nutritional foods we are eating

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